ESIP Cloud Computing Testbed Initiative

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A progress report and discussion about what is needed to support a cloud computing testbed for producing lessons learned and best practice for ESIP members assess, test, and adopt cloud platforms for their research, development, and education: 1) discuss the matrix of requirements for cloud computing by ESIP members, 2) identify the possibility of cloud resources (Amazon, Microsoft, Nebula, Private Cloud), 3) identify potential applications to be running on potential cloud resources, 4) a execution plan for the testbed with a target of presenting in the summer meeting.

  • Intro (5 minutes) All
  • Cluster overview (5 minutes and email list sign up) Phil
  • Testbed intro (5 minutes) Phil
  • What should the testbed be? (15 minutes) Thomas/All
    • virtual?
    • real physical infrastructure?
    • collaborative? how, whom, what?
    • etc.
  • Cloud Computing Testbed Requirements (5 minutes) Phil
  • Science and Application Use Cases Ken/Phil/All
    • P&S Testbeds
    • OpenDAP
    • Portals
    • Models
    • etc.
  • Testbed Ideas (30 minutes) Rick/All
    • Commercial Cloud Environment
    • Government Cloud Environment
    • ESIP Cloud Environment
  • Testbed Coordination (10 minutes) Rick/Thomas
    • Interoperability
    • Gaps for Adaptation
  • Milestones & Collaboration (15 minutes) Phil/All
    • Platform
    • Use Case Identification
    • Other resources ready
    • Collaboration
    • EarthCube
    • ESIP Summer Meeting