ESC User Stories

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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What do we do?

  • Develop user stories so for:
    • to illustrate the concept of the ESC to your constituents.
    • input to other tracks (Technology, Sociological Impacts, Programmatic constraints)
  • Continue developing the repository of stories
    • ...minimally PPTs (already have three from ESIP July 2011: The "Novice" Researcher (Lynnes); The Expert Researcher (Kuo); Science Assessment (Wee)
    • ...possibly indexed by some canonical representation of discipline, audience type (can we use Earth Science Collaboratory User Model?), <others> (see below)
    • ...possibly indexed by NSF Earth^3 capabilities (see below)
  • Develop canonical representation for index to enable
    • ...identification of missing user stories
    • ...identification of opportunities that have been missed (e.g. if somebody realizes that a powerful user story can be enabled by some combination of the index)
  • Develop mapping of user stories to NSF Earth^3 capabilities list? (, dated 2012-12-16), but first:
    • ...are the 14 capabilities useful for this purpose? (some are more obviously useful than others)
    • the capability mapping useful for informing requirements development in the Technology track?
  • Questions:
    • Which is more useful for the development of requirements in the Technology track? Index or capabilities?
    • Ideas for dimensions of this index (e.g. audience type, discipline, etc)? (Again, see Earth Science Collaboratory User Model to avoid starting from scratch on one possible dimension)
    • Do we need to modify the capabilities list proposed by NSF Earth^3 for ESC story purposes?
  • Proposed activity: Strawman for shooting arrows at... present existing 3 use cases against the (A) index and (B) capabilities to generate ideas about how to iterate this forward (BW to come ready with a slide or two)
  • Comments?

How do we do it?

  • Use input from other tracks (Technology, Sociological Impacts, Programmatic constraints).
  • ID small groups of three persons to create short two page deliverables as input to other tracks (schedule and actual deliverables to be determined)
  • Comments?