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ESC Telecon #1: 8-15-2011

Question: Should we organize around 4 major thrusts (cyberinfrastructure, sociological, programmatic, user stories)?

  • Cyberinfrastructure - architecture, standards, reusable services and components
  • Sociological - the sociology of adoption, productive interaction
  • Programmatic - how to coordinate efforts across different agencies and umbrella groups
  • User Stories - Use Cases for construction of ESC + Outreach Stories


  • Maybe start with User Stories?
  • First, what is the User Model (e.g., different kinds of stakeholders)
  • If different working groups, then what are the charters and when can we integrate?
  • Start with User Stories/Stakeholders, then look at subgrouping
  • As we do User Stories, identify CI, Soc., and Programmatic implications of the stories
  • Template for use cases: these are the things we need to identify
  • See NSF Workshop: Understanding Infrastructure: Tensions and Dynamics(?)
    • Review on how historical infrastructure has developed, lessons learned
    • Looks at socio-technical aspect, tensions from change
    • AI: Mark will dig that up
  • Also European study on what researchers want (Parse-Insight? Surfshare? Other?)
  • AI Chris (Done: User Stories): Set up page wiki for User Stories

Question: How should we respond to NSF EarthCube initiative?

  • Fast-track program around data interoperability
  • Governance structure to make interop sustainable over the longer term
  • Holding telecoms with "community"
  • Charrette in Oct.(?)
  • Community to provide ideas on how to achieve these goals
    • Vette at Charette
    • EAGER award (no peer review)
      • 300K to demo capabilities
    • + 6 mo: Winners down-select to peer-reviewed process for 1-2M awards
    • +12 mo: Start building infrastructure
  • Options
    • Assist on Discovery Cluster white paper?
    • Author ESC white paper?
    • Other?


  • 2 Foci: governance and data interoperability (interworkability?)
  • What about overall ESIP white paper? Need to talk to excom folks.
  • But just in case, put a short discussion in paper on ESIP governance, then do Discovery Cluster governance
    • Our model is informed by Open Provenance Model
    • Not just standards but also conventions across the community
    • BUT only a handful of active people on this
  • One paper or two papers?
    • Writeup needed at excom level summarizing spectrum of clusters, then discovery in detail, then ESC
    • Or two papers, referencing each other, one on governance (only), one on discovery
  • Is white paper equivalent to an entry for EAGER grant?
  • Who is going to the charrette?
    • One person or two? e.g., Carol at exec level, +somebody from Discovery Cluster
  • AI (Done): Mark - find out if Excom is going to write a governance paper (others chime in as necessary)
  • AI : Ruth: start with abstract and outline paper so others can volunteer or be assigned writing assignments
  • Will include discussion on governance


  • Timeline: need to start planning winter meeting? next telecon...