ESC Technology

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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What do we do?

  • Develop use cases by framing the user stories into workable scenarios to gather requirements from.
  • Based on use cases/requirements, define the scope of ESC cyberinfrastructure (taking into consideration/input from other tracks)
  • Identify stakeholders.
  • Determine key features/requirements based on the use cases.
  • Analyze existing cyberinfrastructures (experience, lesson learns, common patterns, etc), following other efforts such as EarthCube, identify their gaps and shortcoming.
  • Develop ESC architecture (data, process and technology).
  • Identify existing technologies and prior art that meet the capabilities of the ESC.
  • How to avoid being "yet another collaboratory"?
  • Promote foundational collabortory service interfaces.
  • Anything else?

How do we do it?

  • Rely on input from other tracks (user stories, sociological impacts, programmatic constraints).
  • Include relevant features from Earth Cube/ESC charrettes.
  • Leverage ESDS RA and development experience.
  • Propose scope, stakeholders, key features and architecture solutions.
  • Coordinate with other working groups and clusters on relevant technologies.
  • Any suggestions?

What are the technical requirements?

  • ESC shall facilitate/manage sharing and access of data with knowledge about data (explicit context and provenance).
  • ESC shall facilitate/manage sharing and access of tools and services that support scientific experiments.
  • ESC shall facilitate/manage sharing and access of research process (scientific workflow management) and results (data/knowledge/interpretation produced).

Which exiting systems to explore?