ESC Cluster Meeting at ESIP 2011 Summer Meeting

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
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User Stories

ESC Implementation Strategies

Key Questions and Ideas

  • Is 5-7 year time frame to build ESC too long?
  • How do we leverage other efforts in this area?
    • NSF Earth Cube
    • NASA Earth Exchange
    • Virtual observatories
    • International
  • More user stories would be helpful
    • Project collaboration
    • Recast novice grad student as an educational story?
  • Will scientists share?
    • Some sharing is required by funding agencies, but...
    • How to incentivize?
  • Suggest 4 main thrusts:
  1. User Stories, both for outreach and guiding architecture and implementation
  2. Cyberinfrastructure
  3. Programmatic (how to get the agencies, including NSF, on the same page)
  4. Sociological: the sociology of sharing and incentivization
  • ESC needs to become a more formal cluster, yes, with telecons, to prepare for the Winter meeting.
  • Raw Notes