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Participants: Sergio, Jeff, Angela, Diana Pennington (University of Tx), David LaZaks, Emily Law (JPL), and Erin

Jeff McWhirter: Champion for Defining Above pilot study case

Sergio: Champion for Participate in the NASA ESDSWG activity to develop a Reference Architecture for the ESC

  • We want to define the ecosystem as well as new technologies that need to be a part of it
  • Sergio the vision should guide the technology

Jeff Whirter:

  • before you can facilitate interactions, you need to know what they have to begin with and what they need
  • look at the data, then we can see how people make use of it
  • collaboration around data and digital items


  • we want to understand what the data we are including whether it be datasets, software, tools,
  • what the scientists are users will be included in this data model/information model
  • The activities all address this in terms of the use cases and assessments

Collectively we need to work on the Shared Vision of ESC

Participate in the NASA ESDWG & ESC Reference Architecture

  • what is the difference in the terms of the deliverable
  • a difference between purely voluntary and semi voluntary
  • merged the two together
  • we’ve looked at a number of tools that are at least candidates

Jeff and Peter will be working together on Above

We’re treating the broad case, from beginning of scientific study to publication to education to user communities, there’s nothing that we’re treating as out of scope

What sort of by-in do we have for people using RAMADA?

Is the Science Definition Team Formed?

  • this is a good opportunity for moving on with this process

Might be useful just to present a light what the ESC is to bring people in, to see if we can get some of the people in to work on this together

Grand Challenge “Killer App”

5 Year Plan

  • Continue to define vision
  • Put in reference architecture
  • Once we have reference architecture, continue surveying tools to fill in spots of architecture (implementation, but will have to be tweaks)
  • The vision will never completely stop

Siri Jodha:

  • will align current funded “collaboratoy” – related projects with ESC activities. And vice-versa
  • would change to “strategy” or “encourage” or “strategy”

Action Items

  • Chris will add CEMAC items to wiki
  • Champions should fill out chart
  • For activities identify deliverables and outcomes we expect
  • Send out individual emails to champions