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Participants Chris Lynnes, Emily Law, Bruce Caron, Erin Robinson, Jeff McWhirter, Michael McLennan, Ruth, Carol, Hook Hau, Steve Aulenbach

Agenda and Notes

  • HubZero Overview: Michael McLennan
  • toolbox for building scientific websites
  • open source
  • web download
  • LAMP
  • grew up at Purdue with NanoHub
  • posting simulation and modeling
  • protected remote desktop environment
  • can run what if and comparison studies
  • integrated visualization
  • multiple people can cannot at same time
  • Rapture toolkit:
    • can construct the kind of interface to visualize output
    • cover a lot of different scientific domains & programming languages
    • builds a graphical user interface
    • regression tester build into framework
  • can register and publish tools
  • can run analytic & statistics of tools
  • can work together in private groups
  • data management, simulation and modeling tools, social networking, and analytics
  • not much integration across hubs
  • external data
  • preexisting collaborations,

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