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Participants Chris Lynnes, Jeff McWhirter, Brian Wee, Steve Browdy, Siri Jodha, Phil Yang

Agenda and Notes

1. Recap of ESC at the ESIP meeting

  • Hackathon, good exposure to Ramadda
  • Next time make it more structured and give a set of collaboration tasks
  • Need focused tasks
  • Two 1 1/2 hour sessions, first step by step, second have some tasks
  • Need to know who's going to be an attendee beforehand
  • Toolmatch produced most
  • What can we do to prepare for Hackathons?
  • Need two to three hours preparation
  • We're going to try some remote Hackathons for HubZero and NASA Earth Exchange
  • Integration of Ramadda with brokering solution

2. Moving forward

  • ESC and Earthcube
  • ESC voluntary, we tend to meander a little
  • ESC has a general vision
  • Instead of trying to build a system we should try to build an ecosystem, collaborating and competing components, can have more than on thing fill the niche
  • How do you grow an ecosystem, selection pressures to grow the ecosystem you wan

3. Briefing by Phil Yang on the NSF-funded I/UCRC for Spatiotemporal Thinking, Computing and Applications, possible synergy with our ESC effort

  • Carol and Erin went to center planning meeting they had last week
  • NSF program: objective promote innovative prototype research
  • Ways to help each other collaboratively
    • Natural hazards
    • To relieve scientists from IT part so they can focus on their research
    • will have about 20 projects each year to
    • spatiotemporal thinking methodologies
    • Research reports, agendas, and technology products
    • Organic approaches, are you trying to develop a research community around the technology?
    • Interaction between technology and community is the organic piece
    • Not everything has to be open source in a collaborative environment
    • T4: have you put any thought into what is that knowledge?
    • ESC: knowledge needs to be broken loose from paper publications
      • if I have an article I want to be able to link data
      • digital artifacts that are a product of the paper
      • knowledge linked with tools and data

4. Ideas before January meeting

  • send in ideas for activities for investigation
    • Hubzero
    • NASA earth exchange
    • Clean up what we have on amazon site and export it to Ramada site (Jeff)
    • Computational modeling

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