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Participants Chris Lynnes, Brian Wee, Emily Law, Jeff McWhirter, Mike Seablom, Steve Browdy, Dave Fulker, Erin Robinson, Hook Hau and Angela Murillo

Agenda & Notes

1. Discussion of a potential Landsat-scale Ecosystem Models use case (Brian)
extract relevant aspects to the 4 focus areas we have (human factors, programmatic, technical, and user stories)

  • Brian visiting EROS Data Center (USGS facility, in Sioux Falls next week
    • Use lessons they have learned
    • Requested time with them next week to discuss
  • Is it a general use case or will you ask them questions specific to collaboration? (Question from Chris)
  • Always room for more than one use case
  • Trick is to get scientists beyond today and to think about tomorrow (four or five years from now)
  • Can poke around to see what else is out there (Brian)
  • One think to look for is cross disciplinary teams
    • Expect there would be more need for collaborative aspect
    • Something to look for in investigation of use case

2. Discussion of Earth Cube Charrette and implications for ESC

  • Chris, Brian, Steve, and Dave all at the Charrette
  • A number of different items that can be applied to ESC
    • Track and leverage of use-cases that are being developed for Earth Cube
  • Focusing both on collaborative and cross-domain use cases
  • Need a number of use cases (compelling) for long-term sustainability funding stream
    • Need to make collaboration as natural and invisible as possible
  • Might be able to contribute back to Earth Cube to somehow look for something measureable (a metric) in the use case
    • Quantifiable or something that explains why we need to do this
  • Yolanda Gill
    • Expert in workflows
    • Will be involved in workflow group & will be at ESIP meeting
    • Found ESC vision compelling
    • Interested in idea of reproducability
    • Would like to look for synergy between people who work on workflows and ESC

Broker hack-a-thon activity. SiriJodha and Steve mentioned that it had naturally went into the direction less coupled with ESC. Is there anything we would like to catch up on? They are planning a dedicated track at ESIP.

  • From Steve, they have a session at ESIP, but not sure if they're going to have a hack-a-thon
    • Have not decided which broker to have, so if anyone wants to suggest/nominate send Steve an email
    • Open to any type of broker
    • RAMADDA a possibility
  • Discussion of a family of brokers
  • Hackathon 1
    • Only three responses to exit survey
    • No one suggested anything particular for Hackathon 2 and 3
    • Link to full report on Hackathon 1 page
  • Data brokering, service brokering versus metadata brokering, etc…
    • People talk about brokering from different points of view
    • Brokers need to provide richer deeper data services
    • Would like to bring together ESC and Earth Cube Brokering group together
  • Earth Cube and ESC are similar, but the user groups are different
    • Earth Cube focusing on long-tail communities
    • ESIP focused on user side of things

3. Develop agenda for Planning meeting at ESIP meeting
Defining a rough roadmap so we know where the ESC effort is going and if/how it is different from EarthCube efforts.

  • Relationship with Earth Cube program
    • Drill down on programmatic of Earth Cube and ESC
    • What are the similarities, what are the differences, what are the gaps
    • ESC: social or human factors aspect, gap within Earth Cube efforts
    • Earth Cube has funding so a lot of momentum
  • Entire Agenda, Earth Cube versus ESC
    • Look at each focus area and identify parallelism and gaps
    • Identify what to do next
  • Before meeting prepare materials to drive discussion (Hook volunteers to make something and put it on wiki)
    • Break down into section of focus areas
      • Programmatic, technical, sociological, vision, etc…
  • NSF call, integrated data management
    • They’ll be focusing on other sciences, Earth Cube will be the pathfinder

4. Finalize logistics for RAMADDA Hack-a-thon at ESIP meeting
Ideas for running this with our key knowledge source at a remote location?

  • Jeff might be away from electronics that week
  • Hope to draw in more people then just selves
  • We don’t want to pick a random dataset
  • Mini telecon hackathon amongst selves to have enough information about the data to help everyone
  • Jeff will set up data on RAMADDA, will not be at hackathon
    • Chris, Steve, Jeff, Brian will volunteer for early hackathon
    • Jeff will send an email out to them to organize
  • Chris thinks we only need one session for hackathon
    • Might want to wait until next Sunday to see how it goes
    • Might not be able to teach an advanced session

Action Item

  • Chris will email to list a list of brokers
  • Jeff will send out broker example from Ramadda
  • Steve will send out link for Hackathon 1, wiki area on ESIP
  • Schedule another telecon to work out logistics for hackathon
  • Hook: Matrix for planning meeting

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