EPA Air Quality Data Systems and GEOSS Architecture

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A significant challenge of the highly distributed GEOSS is that so many things are happening at so many places with such a variety of participants that it is difficult to keep track of the diverse and distributed activities. The purpose of this page is to make visible some of the GEOSS technical activities pertaining interoperability of air quality data systems using OGC standards.

A number of activities for the networking of Air Quality information systems are in progress in the context of different programs such as ESIP, Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants (HTAP), and Exceptional Event Analysis (EE). The content of this note is placed on the ESIP wiki where it can evolve though community contributions. Also, it may serve as a starting point for more general discussion on the Networking of Air Quality Data and its relationship to GEOSS.

2009-05: GEOSS AIP - AQ Infrastructure

2008-03-05 Networking of Air Quality Data

2008-02-04 GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot

At the GEOSS Architecture Meeting at Ispra JRC, Italy, Phil Dickerson of EPA OAQPS will be leading the development of an Air Quality Scenario for GEO Task AR-07-02 GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP). Air quality offers a "near-term opportunity" to demonstrate the characteristics and benefits of the loosely coupled, service-oriented GEOSS architecture.

2006-2007 User and the GEOSS Architecture Workshops/Demos

In 2006-7, the IEEE, OGC and other participating organizations in GEO have sponsored a series of workshops entitled "The User and the GEOSS Architecture", each workshop having a region-specific theme, e.g.: Tsunami in Seoul, Korea, Wind Energy in Beijing, China, Air Quality in Denver, Colorado, and Biodiversity in Barcelona, Spain. For your information below please find links to material presented at the Denver and Barcelona workshops.

2007-07-22 Barcelona GEOSS Demo

2006-07-30 Denver GEOSS Demo

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