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Tools and Methods for Exceptional Event Analysis

General Tools and Methods

R. Husar, WUStL

EE Excess Over Normal Variations

EE ExcessOverNom map.png

EE Flag NAAPS smok 5ug.png

EE Anomaly Map.png

EE O3 Anomaly MapTime.png

EE PM25 SmokeDust Window.png.png PM25Ex, PM25_Ex_ONorm: Flag_Smoke, Flag_Dust, Flag_None

PM25 Anomaly 30perc.png PM25 Anomaly TimeSeries over 30perc

PM25 16 50 84 97 YCycle.png

Ozone 16 50 84 97 YCycle.png

NAAPSsmoke PM25Exc.png

NAAPSdust PM25Exc.png

EE Backtrajectory Tools

EE Exceed BackTraj BBOX.png

EE Exceed Backtraj.png

EE Consoles

110414 Kansas Smoke KS OK2.png

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  • uFIND
  • Console
  • Wash.U. DataFed: AQ Events, Data, Tools,


T. Moore, WRAP

Statistical Ozone Forecast Methods

D. Jaffe, U. Washington

P. Reddy, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Pollution Control Division

H. Hafner, STI

H. Priesler, Forest Service

Event Detection Tools and Methods

Preisler, Climate Applications Laboratory University of California Merced

Wildfire Forecast Probabilities and Odds- Preisler and Westerling (2007) and Preisler et al (2011) proposed a seasonal forecast methodology for fire occurrence, extent, and suppression costs for California.

R. Husar, WUStL

Trajectory/plume tools

"But for" tool??