Documenting ISO-1 Metadata for Data Discovery

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This table contains the metadata elements recommended for the discovery of data resources. These elements are are identified in Table F.1 of the ISO 19115-1 specification. Each of the element names is followed by an abbreviation to indicate the element obligation and max occurrence. The obligation options include M for Mandatory, O for Optional, or C for Conditional. The occurrence options are 1 or N for any number.

Metadata reference information: (O/1)
Resource title: (M/1)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_DataIdentification.citation > CI_Citation.title)
Resource reference date: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.idenitificationInfo > MD_DataIdentification.citation >
Resource identifier: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo>MD_DataIdentification.citation > CI_Citation.identifier>MD_Identifier)
Resource point of contact: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_DataIdentification.pointOfContact > CI_Responsibility)
Geographic location: (C)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_DataIdentification.extent > EX_Extent.geographicElement > EX_GeographicExtent > EX_GeographicBoundingBox–or- EX_GeographicDescription)
Resource language: (C)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo> MD_DataIdentification.defaultLocale > PT_Locale)
valign="top">Resource topic category: (C)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_DataIdentification.topicCategory > MD_TopicCategoryCode)
Spatial resolution: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_Identification.spatialResolution > MD_Resolution.equivalentScale MD_Resolution.distance, MD_Resolution.vertical, or MD_Resolution.angularDistance, or MD_Resolution.levelOfDetail)
Resource type: (C)
(MD_Metadata.metadataScope >MD_Scope.resourceScope)
Resource abstract: (M/1)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_DataIdentification.abstract)
Extent information for the dataset (additional): (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo > MD_Identification.extent > EX_Extent > EX_TemporalExtent or EX_VerticalExtent)
Resource lineage: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata >resourceLineage> LI_Lineage)
Resource on-line Link: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo >MD_DataIdentification.citation>CI_Citation.onlineResource>CI_OnlineResource)
Keywords: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo >MD_DataIdentification> descriptiveKeywords >MD_Keywords)
Constraints on resource access and use: (O/N)
(MD_Metadata.identificationInfo>MD_DataIdentification>MD_Constraints.useLimitations and/or MD_LegalConstraints and/or MD_SecurityConstraints)
Metadata date stamp: (M/N)
Metadata point of contact: (M/N)
( > CI_Responsibility)

This Table and content is excerpted from the ISO 19115-1 Standard.

Metadata Implementation