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Pre Flight Checklist

Assuming you have configured your instance to use an elastic IP, see, here are the steps… note, if you don’t have an elastic IP, then when you change the instance type you may not be able to access your instance with the same URL as before:


  1. Back up important data, just in case
  2. Login to your AWS account at
  3. In the My Account/Console menu at the top, choose AWS Management Console. Then you’ll have to login to that console as well.
  4. When the EC2 Dashboard appears, click the “Instances” option under the Instances menu on the left (see screenshot_1)
  5. In the instances view, select the checkbox next to your instance and from the Actions menu, choose to Stop the instance
  6. Wait a few moments for the instance to stop
  7. Once stopped, select the “Change Instance Type” option from the Actions menu (screenshot_2)
  8. Select the micro type
  9. Wait a few moments for the instance type to be changed and your instance to restart. For me, I wasn’t able to connect again for about an hour, but after that no problem.