Documentation Cluster Minutes 2016-04-25

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Aaron Sweeney, Ed Armstrong, Heather Brown, John Kozimor, Paul Lemieux, Phil Jones, Tyler Stevens, Annie Burgess, Lindsay Powers.


* Summer Sessions Planning -- Sean Gordon has ideas for the metadata lab- he and John Kozimor can take the helm for Metadata Lab Session -- Erin move metadata for events into user engagement Annie: Documentation lab is scheduled for Thurs at 4. Metadata for Events into user engagement on Tuesday morning. There is room for sessions to be merged. each session is an 1.5 hour block.

* Presentation about GCMD Keywords API - Tyler Stevens with Thomas Cherry (developer) - GCMD curating keyword list for over 20 years - SKOS concepts: - concept schemes (science, platforms, instruments, etc) - currently not related to each other (but COULD be), ids, definition, broader, narrower, related, pref label, alt labels, hidden labels, date, and uuids for each concept. - uuids will NEVER change - RESTful service, provides fragment URLs to capabilities. e.g. wildcard pattern searches - also have static KMS - to retrieve cached copy - e.g. RDF for Atmospheric Pressure - has one broader concept and several narrower concepts - can request particular format in rest api (csv, json, rdf...) - Users --Doc Builder- QA Viewer and Metadata Management Tool fo CMR) - pull in keywords from KMS -- GCMD Search client uses KMS to populate the facets, call KMS in real time -- Earthdata Search Clients - pulls RDF and caches it on their end for a couple days -- Australian Antarctic Data portal -- Ontology building - early version of SWEET used GCMD (years ago) -- slide has links to API, static directory, documentation