Documentation Cluster Minutes 2016-03-28

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Principles for Metadata Creation - Matt Mayernik

  • principles may formalize data management and metadata education
  • "respect des fonds" - respecting the original order
  • provenance - maintain the trail of changes, who, when before and during the curation process
  • authorship as an access point - derived from traditional library cataloging


  • Paris Principles (1961)
  • Resource Description and Access (RDA, 2014)
  • Describing Archives, a Content Standard (DACS, 2013)
  • LIS Metadata principles table
  • EML and ISO 19115-2:214 - doesn't have any principles published in doc
  • common to find descriptions of functions and what metadata should be achieving
  • differences between prinicples (how), goals (why) and functions (what)
  • RDA Metadata WG published some metadata principles --
  • Geo Data Management Principles

Questions to Discuss:

  1. What are the principles of metadata creation for scientific data?
  2. how can principles inform future standards devel?
  3. Should ESIP Doc Cluster work on a set of principles?

Discussion Topics

  • Should this cluster define metadata principles for earth science data?
    • This is something that Earth Cube will be addressing in near future.
    • Why and How high level could useful
    • a lot of this type of info is in the doc cluster wiki, but it's not distilled.
    • How does defining principles work? -- tends to an international level of activity in past. Maybe first step is collating the statements into one doc so we can look at them all the same time... What can be modified/adopted for this community?
    • Scientific data community has recently published Data Management Principles, but not specific to metadata and very high level... They examined their documentation and distilled out what was valuable to the EC community.
    • Matt may be able to join summer meeting remotely - will be back to work mid-July. Maybe a working group session during ESIP summer?

Next Steps:

  1. gather existing materials
  • Summer Session Plans