Discovery Telecon 2013-03-12

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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  • Tuesday, March 12, 2013. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT


  • Hook Hua
  • Nga Chung
  • Chris Lynnes
  • Christine White
  • Patrick West
  • Eric Rozell

Previous Action Items

  • Christine White - Send out a list of options for maintaining the GeoPortal server on AWS. What level of effort will be needed from the Discovery Cluster?

Action Items

  • Christine White - Look into the RFC to see how much is already implemented in the GeoPortal


  1. Discovery GeoPortal testbed endpoint: next steps
  2. Discovery Implementation Coverage worksheet.

  1. status of Discovery RPC


Discovery GeoPortal Testbed Endpoint

  • Discussed move to micro AWS instance for GeoPortal server
  • Discussed validation services for Discovery DCP / RFC
  • Next steps for GeoPortal... validation, client, endpoint, etc.?

Discovery Implementation Coverage Worksheet

Status of Discovery RFC