Discovery Telecon 2012-12-11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Tuesday, December 11. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT


  • Chris Lynnes
  • Hook Hua
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Christine White
  • Eric Rozell
  • Nga Chung
  • Thomas Huang
  • Erin Robinson
  • Kathleen "Katie" Baynes
  • Aleksandar Jelenak

Action Items

  • Everyone: think of different slices that would be useful subgroups to focus on for grand challenges.
  • Hook: send out email at end of week to solicit contributions to implementation lists

Previous Action Items

  • Christine to investigate adding opensearch endpoint to discovery geoportal and document the how-to; would be nice for the ESIP Winter Meeting session


  1. Winter Meeting Planning
  2. Feature Set Tracking for Discovery Implementations


Winter Meeting Planning

  • Discovery Grand Challenges
    • Should this be intermediate or beginner?
      • Level doesn't usually deter people
    • Is the cluster ready for another big scale grand challenge? What about a smaller challenges?
    • Grand challenges could be borrowed from EarthCube or ESC challenges.
    • Should be very general, avoid groupthink / things we already know…
    • Need to pay attention to room layout, for something collaborative, avoid the audience type setting.
    • What's the attendance level? Comparable or smaller at the winter meeting.
    • How is this going to be run?
      • e.g., Charette - split up groups, then exchange ideas between groups…
      • 5 - min intro…
      • Slips of paper / titanpad, give 10 minutes of quiet time to come up with ideas, then discuss ideas in group. With too many people this would not work
      • EarthCube charettes had good prep work (wiki pages ready for contributions)
      • Should the documents have topics of discussion?
        • "Grand challenge from the point of view of a … (e.g., end-user, data system, etc.)"
        • Use perspectives rather than topics…
      • Charette is two-phases… could do phase one at the meeting then do phase two at a telecon…
      • May lose momentum if you wait for the next telecon for phase 2…
      • 15 minutes for context setting, 45 minutes for brainstorming, 30 minutes for grouping
      • Draw connections between all ideas rather than cluster the ideas (think, "network diagram" instead of "clusters").
      • Use Google docs to share, or wiki pages
      • Someone familiar with Discovery related technologies should scribe
      • Usually more people at the sessions than call-ins for monthly telecoms
      • Ask for volunteers when they are there
      • How should the groups form?
        • Counting off…
    • What is the end goal? A set of use cases? Anything actionable?
      • Something that looks like a precursor to a use case
      • Use these for something more in depth like a summer hack-a-thon
    • Theme of the meeting is around climate assessment, may lead to more end-users
    • Action: think of different slices that would be useful subdivisions to focus on for grand challenges.
  • Planning Session
    • Develop a task lisk
    • Figure out what to do next with the Brainstorming results
    • May get more people attending grand challenge session b/c only competing session is business meeting (which, historically, has higher attendance)
    • Need to develop an approach to following up on ideas
    • THings to volunteer for:
      • Follow up on charette
      • RFC
      • DCPs
      • Feature set tracking
      • What next with GeoPortal
        • How to configure the GeoPortal is in a separate section
      • Validation, which is important for the coming RFC
  • Should the planning session come before the grand challenges session?
    • Brainstorming will happen during planning
    • Get rid of details in planning session, more broader concepts in the brainstorming session

Feature Set Tracking for Discovery Implementations

  • RFC Document
  • Implementation Spreadsheet
  • One of the reqs of a W3C spec is at least two implementations
  • Create spreadsheets where rows represent implementations and columns rep. features (and the degree to which features are supported for given imp.)
  • Hook converted RFC sections to columns in the spreadsheet
  • With volunteered info in spreadsheet, can get an idea which features are most important (and what should remain in spec.)
  • Spreadsheet only has coverage for services
  • Need to create a tab for clients
  • The spreadsheet replace the wiki page
  • Useful for implementers as well as users
  • Will need to fix the wiki from this spreadsheet
  • What's the content of the columns? Yes, No, Maybe
  • Recursive endpoints can be covered in a single implementation row
  • Get volunteer to update client worksheet / implementation list
  • Get a few samples on the implementation spreadsheets, then send out to the community as stand-alone thread
  • Leave extensions out for now…