Discovery Telecon 2012-08-14

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  • Chris Lynnes
  • Hook Hua
  • Ken Keiser
  • Eric Rozell
  • Christine White

Past Action Items

  • Eric, Hook, Nga, Chris, Christine, Ruth - prep slides for Hack-a-thon session
  • Chris - prep OpenSearch Intro for hack-a-thon session
  • Ruth - prep Casting Intro for hack-a-thon session
  • Chris - market the Hack-a-thon


  • DCP business
    • Handling specification versions
    • others..
  • updates for SPG specification
  • Plan for Winter meeting's participatory workshop
    • feedback
    • collect ideas on what we can ask Carol/Erin for help in getting Winter meeting attendance demographics
    • topics. noting that Winter meetings tend to be more a little moreprogrammatic.


DCP Business

  • Versioning
    • Should the "esip" prefix convention be included in the spec?
      • W3C does this (e.g., dc == Dublin Core)
    • this spec aligns with the W3C conventions for including version in the namespace
    • how do versions fit within OSDDs or feed elements? Can you have multiple versions in an individual request or response?
      • examples will help with this
  • Error handling
    • For now, we will go with a "renderable" message for errors
    • Do not support "text/xml" responses until we decide on a specific format for the response
      • Unless the response is renderable (i.e., with XSLT)

Updates for SPG Specification

  • None, Chris has been looking into the format for these specs

Plan for Winter Meeting Participatory Workshop

  • Brainstorming session early in the week
  • Planning session late in the week and how to move forward on that