Discovery DataCasting Services

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Granule casting at NSIDC[edit | edit source]

  • Description: At the moment NSIDC is only operationally casting granules for two data sets in our ECS system.
  • Casting URL:
  • Compliance: Currently using JPL data casting specification

Collection casting at NSIDC[edit | edit source]

  • Description: A publicly accessible version of our prototype collection feed is available.
  • Casting URL:
  • Compliance: Working towards compliance with the ESIP spec...

Data Cast Aggregation Service (University of Alabama in Huntsville)[edit | edit source]

Granule Casting at NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research[edit | edit source]

Add yours too. Follow the template here: Casting service (Institution name)[edit | edit source]

  • Description:
  • Casting URL:
  • Compliance:
  • More info: