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* ESIP Discovery Specifications
* [[Discovery Cluster Resource Archive]]
** [[Discovery Change Proposal-1 | DCP-1: ESIP Discovery Cast Atom Response Format v1.1]]
** [[DCP-4 | DCP-4: OPeNDAP Links in the Atom <link/> element]]
** [[Discovery_Change_Proposal-6 | DCP-6: Adopt Dublin Core Date Specification in Atom Response ]]
** [[Discovery_Change_Proposal-8 | DCP-8: Standardizing <link/> tags in all Cast formats ]]
* OpenSearch
** [[FederatedSearchConvention|Federated OpenSearch Conventions for ESIP (v 1.0)]]
** [[How-To Guide for Implementing ESIP Federated Search Servers]]
** [[Federated_Search | Ye Olde Federated Search Cluster materials]]
** [http://ec2-174-129-9-172.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8080/gi-cat/ EUROGEOSS-Broker]
* DataCasting
** [http://datacasting.jpl.nasa.gov/xml_specification/ Andy Bingham's Datacasting RSS XML specification]
* ServiceCasting
** [http://sciflo.jpl.nasa.gov/scast/ JPL Service Casting Reference]
* OpenSearch and OGC
** [http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=35983 OpenGIS® OpenSearch Geospatial Extensions Draft Implementation Standard]
** [http://www.genesi-dec.eu/presentations/OGC_201009.pdf  CSW 3.0 Part 4: OpenSearch Query Interface (presentation)]
* Discovery Testbed
** [[Discovery_Testbed_Work_Plan | Work plan ]]
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What's New

  • 2017-01-02: Search Relevancy Mission Statement
    • Finding earth science data has been a challenging problem given both the quantity of data available and the heterogeneity of the data across a wide variety of domains. The ESIP Discovery Cluster plans to explore this topic in greater detail this year, by evaluating and documenting a variety of different approaches to improving search relevancy for earth science data. It is expected that lessons learned may come from hands-on implementations of different data discovery efforts such as NOAA’s OneStop project, NASA’s Common Metadata Repository (CMR), EarthData Search, ESRI’s Geoportal, as well as other community driven solutions.



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