Direct forcing

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AeroCom working group Direct forcing[edit | edit source]

Participants for analysis[edit | edit source]

Participants for experiments[edit | edit source]

Goals[edit | edit source]

To complement individual estimates of the direct aerosol radiative effects by multi-model / satellite-retrieval intercomparison studies.

Processes and possible Diagnostics[edit | edit source]

Short-term actions/experiments[edit | edit source]

  • Proposed AeroCom Prescribed Experiment
    The simulated AeroCom forcings show significant diversity that can partly be attributed to processes in the host models. To isolate the host model contribution we propose a simple AeroCom experiment with prescribed aerosol fields derived from the median of the AeroCom models. Please contribute to the discussion on the AeroCom Prescribed page. (PhilipStier)

Data to look at[edit | edit source]