December 2016

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NOTE: This is the final ESIP Federation ex-com meeting. Because it is the final one (the new Program Committee will have NOTES.... not minutes), these minutes were not approved. However, no resolutions were passed at this meeting.


Emily Law, President
Christine White, Vice President
Bill Teng, Chair, Finance
Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
Bob Arko, Type I Rep
Ted Habermann, Type III Rep
Ethan Davis, Chair, IT & I
Denise Hills, Chair, Nominations
Soren Scott, Chair, Products and Services
Tom Narock, Chair, Semantic Technologies

Others: Erin Robinson, Bruce Caron

Absent: Danie Kinkade, Chair, Partnership; Sky Bristol, Type II Rep; Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship; LuAnn Dahlman, Chair, Education

Quorum called at 12:01 PST


  1. Approval of November Minutes
    • Christine moved, Ken seconded. Minutes approved
  2. President's Report
    • Highlights
      • Emily would like to remind everyone that the strategic plan is nearly a year old, and so it's a good time to review this and consider new actions that can help us to meet the strategic goals, and to record accomplishments to date.
    • Strategic Plan Summary
    • Review Strategic Actions
      • Erin noted that these actions need to be reviewed and marked as in progress or completed as indicated.
    • Activities
    • Assembly Meeting agenda (includes State of Fed)
      • The assembly meeting will be an important transition for ESIP. The Partnership committee: Danie and Christine have Partner of the Year award in process. Also Soren Scott's great effort on the Software Guidelines (see below). In the November meeting we asked all committees to review their missions in line with the new organization we are creating. Also thanks to those who have submitted their highlights and their slide for the meeting.
  3. Staff Report
    • Annie B has given birth. Woody and parents are doing well.
    • Winter Meeting Update: Plenary speakers are nearly all confirmed. Session & Poster deadlines -
      • The meeting is coming together. Plenary sessions are nearly filled. Some important dates are coming up!
    • AGU Activities:
  4. Committee Reports
    • C&B: Ken
      • Merger resolution passed. Staff will be working to migrate membership to new organization.
      • We are looking forward to the winter business meeting. Prepared for 2017 Leadership vote
    • Finance: Bill
      • Completed review of all FY17 budget proposals.
    • Partnership: Danie (not here) Christine reporting
      • Working with Christine on New ESIP Partner of the Year Award. Three (confirm with Christine/Erin?) nominations received. Will review with Christine and Partnership Comm on next steps. Award recipient determined by 12/19 at latest.
      • We have good entries this year. The partnership committee will be reviewing these. The form to nominate included a question about a challenge that ESIP helped the partner solve: so this also adds to the ESIP stories.
      • Four new members recommended for membership
      • Four recent applications for Spring Class (in active review period)
    • Data Stewardship
      • Denise reported that Justin has a new job. So the ExCom will follow-up with him and Rama. The slides are already uploaded.
    • Education:
      • Shelley Olds presented our draft eBook of drone activities in sessions at two regional National Science Teacher conferences.
      • This is an important output. Please take a look and add your comments.
      • We launched an effort to test and refine activities in the draft eBook. Survey is available at
      • Accepted budget revisions suggested by FiComm and secured an approved budget.
      • Planning for a regular Webinar series of tool demos that will be archived for educators.
    • IT&I: Ethan
    • Nominations: Denise
      • Nominations had great success this year. Many thanks to the chairs, those who are continuing, and those who recommended others. A great number of really well-qualified candidates. We have so many people running for the at-large Directorships. The actual ballot is officially announced.
      • Full list & Candidate statements are here - 30 day notice starts today.
    • Products & Services: Soren
      • Wrapped up final 2016 RFP with 3 funded incubator projects.
      • We had a good set of proposals from new clusters and members. Now we are waiting for some changes in the new year. Each winner will be making a page for the ESIP Testbed wiki.
    • Semantic Technology: Tom
      • Planning for semantics symposium the day before the winter ESIP meeting
        • The symposium: 30 committed attendees. The committee is really looking forward to building out a roadmap.
  5. Type Rep Reports
    • Type I: Bob
      • Telecon with Shelly at AGU and Mike at Purdue. Some discussion on classifying repositories, etc. The CDF assembly meeting is happening at the Winter Meeting.
    • Type II: none
    • Type III: Ted
      • The Documentation cluster is porting over from NOAA the ISO Explorer, and updating this for the new ISO standards. See page on Commons:
      • The cluster is doing a breakout on documentation resources on the ESIP wiki. There is also a Python script that can be integrated into processing code to automatically update a wiki.
  6. Other Business
    • Vote on Software Guidelines (Draft)
      • Discussion: What are we approving them for? A: We are voting so that these can go to the Assembly to formally endorse. Q: How will this be used if the assembly approves? A: these would be a framework for other organizations to adopt internally as needed. Q: Will ESIP do more to help this?
        • Ethan moved, Christine seconded. No objection. This will be a part of the electronic vote after 30+ days of inspection.
        • This is a best practices bonus. Thanks to Soren for this!

Adjournment at 13:38 PST