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Participants: Chris Lenhardt; Bob Downs; Rob Raskin; Carol Meyer; Naomi Detenbach; Greg Foti; Ana Prados; Yuechen Chi; Karl Benedict

Notes: Poster session on Tuesday, Jan. 5 has a focus of environmental decisionmaking, in addition to its general posters.

Tuesday Breakout

Case Studies (Ana Prados)
  • still trying to fill 2 slots (possibly water, climate)
  • morning panelists, possibly?
  • Carol to contact USDA and work with Ana on identifying Water and other presenter

Wednesday Breakout:

Kick off with Molly McCauley
  • 1/2 presentations
  • 1/2 demonstrations (6 slots)

Science Data Inputs: 1-2 slots open

Application Needs:

Air Quality
Climate Literacy

Objective: look at the whole decision process (all the steps)