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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Introductory Presentation (via John Erickson) from Summer 2013 ESIP meeting

Intermediate/ Progress Presentation (Peter Fox/John Erickson) from Winter 2014 ESIP meeting

Presentation on (Douglas Fils, Adam Shepherd at Summer 2014 ESIP meeting ( and ( This material will be incorporated into this Wiki and the external links deprecated.[edit | edit source]

dataset extension (current)[edit | edit source]

testing[edit | edit source]

dcat vocabulary[edit | edit source]

RPI TWC documentation/ demos[edit | edit source]

Earth science use cases[edit | edit source]

Proposed approach[edit | edit source]

Material from Summer 2014 ESIP meeting[edit | edit source]

Presentations and Links to related content brought up at the ESIP meeting.