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Planning for Clearinghouse Project

Attendees: Erin Robinson, JC Nelson, Tamar Norkin, David Bassendine, John Faundeen, Matt Mayernik, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Sophie Hou

Action Items:

  1. Set up a separate home page/wiki pages for the Clearinghouse project.
  2. Send out doodle poll to determine the next meeting time/date.
  3. Submit abstracts for Ignite talk and the breakout session.


  • Review of funded proposal tasks, roles & timeline (See attached proposal)
  • How to self-organize? Who to work on what? (referred to the five objectives on Page 10 of the full proposal)
  • Technical platform (Objective 1) - David, Sophie, JC, Nancy
  • Metadata (Objective 2) - John, Tamar, Sophie, Nancy
  • Validation (Objective 3) - TBD
  • Implementation (Objective 4) - Everyone
  • Report (Objective 5) - TBD
  • Possible changes in ESIP content management infrastructure
  • David - On-going review will be in place to determine if the Clearinghouse project needs to have a separate content management system.
  • Erin - For now, Drupal will still be used mainly to manage the content in ESIP Commons.
  • Erin/Nancy - Within the next 6 months, there should not be any changes for the content management system that will affect the clearinghouse project.
  • Regular communication – what’s needed / preferred
  • Separate wiki page(s)?
  • Sophie - Will set up a separate home page/wiki pages for the Clearinghouse project.
  • Regular meeting day / time for whole organizing group?
  • JC - Meeting every two weeks should be doable, especially since the first two months (April and May) might have more activities to be finalized.
  • Tamar, Matt, and David concur.
  • ESIP Summer Meeting working group/session?
  • Nancy - We could consider the options of “Ignite talk” or “How To talk”.
  • David - The “How To Talk” might be a good opportunity for us to show people how to submit a data management resource to the Clearinghouse.
  • Sophie - Perhaps we could consider both an Ignite talk and a breakout session?
  • Nancy, David, Tamar also like the idea.
  • Who to liaison with? (ESIP, CDI, USGS generally, DataONE, others?)
  • Tentative liaisons:
  • ESIP - David, Nancy, and Sophie
  • CDI/USGS - JC, Tamar, and John
  • DataONE - Amber
  • RDA - Ruth
  • Data Librarians and other academic institutions - Matt

Additional Project Timeline Suggested by David:

  • Wk 3/28, wk 4/4 - Discovery PT1
  • PM Setup
  • Information architecture, discussion
  • User roles and stories, discussion
  • Learning Resource field schema, discussion
  • Wk 4/11 - Discovery PT2 and Initial setup
  • Wireframes
  • ESIP microsite setup
  • Wk 4/18 - Development
  • Store and display Learning Resources
  • Search and Listing interface (start)
  • Wk 4/25 - Development
  • Search and Listing interface (complete)
  • Wk 5/2 - Development
  • Homepage
  • Moderation workflows
  • Wk 5/9 - Review and testing, contingency
  • Wk 5/16 - Deployment