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Danie Kinkade, Information Systems Associate, WHOI/BCO-DMO

I’m honored to be nominated for another term as Partnership Committee Chair. It was a busy year for the Partnership Committee as it began to expand its role within ESIP’s new structure, and serving as Chair afforded me a deeper understanding of the ESIP community and how it functions. I had the pleasure of working more closely with staff and other members to advance not only the immediate goals of Partnership, but also those of the Federation at large. From working together to develop an ESIP member success story program, to the new Member Handbook, to reviewing applications for membership with committee members, it was a gratifying experience.

I look forward to facilitating strategic growth for ESIP and exploring the role Partnership will have in the new Federation structure. I hope to reach out to organizations that exemplify ESIP’s values and can advance ESIP’s goals to achieve its vision, and I will endeavor to bring key stakeholders to ESIP, including a stronger science engagement.

ESIP is a diverse and vibrant community-driven organization, where the whole is truly more than the sum of its parts. I look forward to continued service in a capacity where I can help advance ESIP’s mission.