Cross-Domain Observational Metadata for Environmental Sensing - X-DOMES

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"Standards-based description of environmental sensor metadata, including provenance, is paramount to automated data discovery, access, archival, processing, as well as quality control and assessment."  

The X-DOMES pilot project will leverage existing relationships with large NSF-funded data management programs, EarthCube building blocks and working groups, and environmental sensor manufacturers and consortia. The project will establish a community of sensor manufacturers and other stakeholders to provide a unifying approach to describing sensors and observations across geo-science domains.  Built on an existing sensor metadata model that references registered, standards-based vocabularies, the X-DOMES pilot project will provide a suite of tools, built upon community-adopted standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to demonstrate and facilitate the generation of metadata documents that are discoverable and accessible on-line and/or directly from onboard sensor descriptions.  We will also demonstrate mechanisms to associate the data with the metadata through standards-based web services.  With vendor-ready tools implemented throughout a broad-based community, the X-DOMES Network will lay the foundation for the development of and adoption of interoperable access to much needed content-rich sensor metadata.

Below is a link to the ESIP X-DOMES Community Page

Please contribute to our list of sensor types, observable properties and capabilities. Note: the capabilities are terms that relate to data quality (e.g., operationalRange, beamWidth, beamFrequency, etc.) You can either download the list or add to it at the link below:

If you download to create your own, please consider registering your terms at the (a video describing use of the COR on the X-DOMES Community Page, above).