Community needs

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
  • Data Intercomparison and quality harmonization
  • Fit-for-purpose criteria for data quality (e.g., climate change need vs. near-real-time monitoring need)
  • Level 3 "Quality" (what’s that?)
  • Presenting data quality to users

Air Quality

  • What does the air quality community need for data quality (i.e., for many different applications, many things people do - monitoring, detecting, EPA legalistic things, etc)? Is it more important to get data measurement down to 5th digit, or more important to get data within 3 hours, most important coverage (space and time), more important to have consistency throughout data, or precise accuracy and measurement for particular date?
  • What are the methodologies used for data quality assessment throughout the communities? For example, people working with ground-based measurement data - surface means different things throughout different communities. Need to hear about the knowledge that already exists in the AQ community.



Sea Surface Temperature

Ocean Color