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  • capturing quality information
  • lightweight publication review (aka sniff test)
  • reputation growth (individual & organizational)
  • persistent content
  • documents work of ESIP, including meetings
  • citable
  • discoverability (e.g. thru tagging)
  • browsability

Original Requirements for ESIP Commons

Differentiation between Web Site, Wiki, and Commons

  • Website - 'Brochure'/Marketing/Organizational Site, Assumes no prior knowledge, Primarily External Facing
  • Wiki - ESIP Community Workspace, Prior Knowledge Useful as Wiki Difficult to Navigate, Business of the ESIP Federation, Primarily Internal Facing
  • Commons - Curated Content, Knowledge Capture, Internal & External Facing, Content Available in Perpetuity

Curation Model

  • Content Types linked to curators
  • Tags for faceted aggregation of content

Licensing Options and Assignment of License to ESIP

Role of Steering Committee

  • Managing Editor(s)

Miscellaneous Discussion Items

  • Levels of curation
  • Who Contributed? (community, individual)


PLOS One License

PLOS One Submission Instructtions

Wikipedia Community Portal

Wikipedia Policies & Guidelines
Wikipedia Editorial Administration & Oversight
Wikipedia Handling Disputes
Wikipedia Editorial Quality Review

Wikimedia Commons Community Portal

Wikimedia Commons Project Scope

Flickr Community Guidelines

Encyclopedia of Earth Guidelines

Anticipated Budget


Minutes from meeting August 17, 2012

Governance issues and the management of the commons: Visions: link to original concept by Rahul- subset of the directions that the original concept is current- going towards a subset of what we discussed at the summer meeting role of the wiki-complementary commons and initial web site venn-diagram of the intersection curation model - key idea of curation licensing- everyone on the same page what licenses are most needed rights that are most needed with respect to access

what the role of the steering committee or other management- "managing editor"- handling disputes/ questions Look at PlosOne license adoption as exemplar Wikipedia document proxesses and wikipedia commons Fickr- guidelines and policies resources: financial needs for support or maintenance: time to think about funding

point of departure: thinking about the vision and the curation model

differentiation- also can gain from looking at the other sites functionality- web assests that are part of an overall presence area of overlap- workflows, contents, how can we cross reference or link between them commonality/ look and feel: coherent brand

capturing differences and similarities web site proper has been online brochure: external facing- no prior knowledge wiki- active collaboration- about or within activity areas work with each other- even though remote approachability is challenge: where to find the granularity of information Chris: Tangent Points- link not a lot of overlap different types of links into the commons- drill down Conceptual differences- contents will be where

Who the audience of the Commons is: hybrid: external component also way for self documentation external component may be more dominant in determining sort of polish audience may not have as much familiarity with the inter workings professionalism in the products strengthens reputations beyond the community by definition want it to serve that function style guide: what should be included work flow- lower the barriers without going too low that quality many document go through many reviews ESIP community generated content- community contributions- do we review those? self curation with products criteria for poster; (Flickr community guidelines) working definitions for these three entities: create a table catalogue with content types- style guides standards Creating a document with all these principles- available in perpetuity wiki- ephemera commons current snapshot lookiung at the Earth encyclopedia capturing quality information with user feedback: opportunity within the commons lightweight publication workflow helps define use for application purposes- pushes discussion among the community Erin and Carol: Strawman vision for editing

Capturing Commons to inform: reputation: individual and organizational demonstration of productivity- concrete ability to show other program managers discoverability and browse ability (judicious use of tagging and other schemes- aggregate lists of contents) models- resources- refer to those in next conversation- reconvene and discuss the draft via Erin and Carol

Call next Friday 2pm EST webex