Collaboration Area Work Plan Meeting Outline

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

Meeting Purpose

  • This is meant to be a check-in with ESIP Collaboration Areas.
  • Planning process is not meant to be overly strenuous.
  • Give staff a railing to lean on to determine support we can give & synergies we can facilitate.

Planning Template

  • Show and walk through wiki planning template.
  • What is the support you need to deliver objectives, e.g. Fellows, FUNding Friday, Special Projects (page charges, workshops, etc.).

Summer Meeting

We have a call for sessions out. It includes new ‘talk’ type. Is there anything you need from ESIP staff related to session or event planning?

General Feedback

Ask for any general feedback, e.g. ESIP Staff, Meetings, Infrastructure, etc. Are there outcomes from your group or organization that you attribute to ESIP?


Migrating to GoToMeeting over the next three months.