Coastal Management

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Coastal Management Cluster Session

Below are notes taken from the Coastal Management Cluster presentations at the 16th Federation Meeting, Jan. 4-6, 2006.

NASA Applied Sciences: Coastal Management -- Lawrence Friedl

Coastal Management:

  • Goal: enable partner's beneficial use of NASA Earth science results to
    • Enhance DSS capability
    • Expand and sustain the use of results

Functional themes in Coastal Management:

  • Resource Mgmt
  • Economic Trade/mgmt
  • Emergency mgmt
  • Health (public/environmental)
  • Coastal change

--REASoN: HAB project - related to Algal blooms

--Numerous evaluations of DSTs and follow-on activities

--Depending on ROSES, may need to direct/fund more projects to jump-start efforts (no coastal related projects in June)

Future Directions:

  • Strong model focus & preparation for future sensors
  • Themes should remain similar, but bring in new partners
    • NOAA: Marine Fisheries, Estuaries
    • Coast Guard
    • Army Corps of Engineers


  • Evaluation reports
    • CREWS: Coral Reef Early Warning System (complete)
    • GNOME: Oil Spill modeling (complete)

Fisheries projects will be looked at for future. Lots of opportunity to use data

  • Modeling in combinatino with observations helps

Gulf of Mexico alliance -- trying to get political buy-in from Governor to go to the government to address the issues

Harmful Algal Bloom Project (HAB)

  • Email-based approach
  • HAB Mapping System- constant supply of info.
  • Provide real-time data for response
  • Utilizes products from QuikScat & SeaWiFS, MODIS

HAB Monitoring

  • Given 30 day mean, compared to daily images, are there any anomalies? Put in decision tree and decide what needs to be done.

Rapid Prototyping

  • Quickly assess, does the data have potential, and if so, move it quickly into a larger project.

Top 5 Priorities

  • Five benchmark reports by FY09
  • Strong, competitive proposals & teams
    • Outreach & networking efforts to inform coastal community and solicit coastal projects
  • Models & future Sensors
    • Strong model focus & preparation for future sensors
  • More NASA Centers involved in Coastal Program
    • Significant involvement by >3 NASA Centers
  • Activities with broad set of organizations & federal agencies
    • National impact through national/regional organizations & their constituents

Want to work with Non-Governmental organizations

Try to leverage the information other groups have

Coastal Mgmt at Stennis Space Center -- Jim Closs

Stennis has primary responsibility to support NASA and coastal organizations.

  • 3 separate steps to do this:
    • Evaluation - Identify and assess partners' responsibilities, plans, DSTs
    • Verification/Validation - Assess accuracy and validity of NASA resources
    • Benchmarking - Assess the improvement to resources

Working at a local level doesn't allow for a broad impact, and since most gov't agencies already had ties to local, we moved away from directly supporting localities.

Briefing for ESIP Coastal Mgmt Cluster -- Roger Anderson

Marketing & Customer Service Lessons Toward EOS Sustainability -- Tom Gulbransen

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