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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
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Cloud Computing

Telecon Info

To start the online portion of the Personal Conference meeting

  1. Go to click on Cloud Computing Meeting title
  2. Enter name and email
  3. Password: 23133897

To start the audio portion of the Personal Conference meeting

Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493
Attendee access code: 231 338 97

April 23, 2012 ESIP cloud computing cluster Telecon

Participants: Erin Robinson, Carol Meyer, Rich Martin, Thomas Huang, Phil Yang, Ken Keiser,Qunying Huang


  1. Summer meeting
  2. Other issues

Summer meeting

  1. Topic
    1. Cloud computing testing
      1. Two speakers from NASA : JPL & Goddard
      2. One industry
      3. One FGDC
    2. Cloud computing application, big data
      1. Elastic resource management
      2. Near real-time management
      3. Climate&Home
    3. Overall
      1. What we could with cloud computing, what we should do for cloud computing
      2. Interaction with the testbed
      3. Geospatial applications (ESRI cloud activities,Cristina white)
      4. Community cloud: Ecualyptus, cloudstack etc
      5. Goeverment cloud: NASA Nebula
      6. Reference architecture model
      7. How to infuse
      8. Open forum session
    4. Best pratice panel
      1. Testbed Activities: How the portal is leveraging the cloud; What is working, what is not working, What is the problem...
    5. Community session : general session.
      1. Community members: what they need
      2. Cloud resource provider: who knows the resources, list of resources
      3. Testbed activities and other activities:this is what I need, what I want to solve with cloud, what is the current experiences
      4. How to bridge provider and activities: What the messages to providers, to satisfy the requirements
      5. Document the experiences as on line resources to community members to check
  2. Inviting keynote speaker for cloud computing
    1. Highly creative, cutting edge talk (9 mins)
    2. Check with carol about the schedule

Other issues

  1. Send the agenda a week before the meeting