Cloud Telecons 5

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  • Intro:

Participants: Hook Hua, Erin, Dewayne Branch, Phil Yang, Rick Martin Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493, 23133897

  • Testbed initiative proposal:

too cost, how to justify the need of the resources; how to ensure this is in collaboration with other testbeds, e.g., host all other testbed; Who owns the testbed; how do we enable users/ESIP members to participate? Workshop/tutorial go back to ESIP community; immediate use cases by the community; priority: GIS and semantics in the cloud; If we take the 5 P&S testbeds, we can limit the budget to ($6k) Take out • Cloud resources $6k Take out • Migrate and prototype applications identified by use cases on cloud $4k • Manage and coordinate cloud resources $3k • Document the lessons learned and knowledge (the key for benefiting all ESIP members), $3k

  • Summer meeting sessions: (submit the 3 technical sessions)
    • 1. SMD Cloud Test Session

Invite test teams to share technical experiences on their test.

    • 2. Cloud Project Experiences

Using Hadoop for handling lunar imaging data. We had presenters in the pass to provide an overview of LMMP, but this talk will be focus on building their science system using Hadoop Using ZooKeeper for managing infinite data ingestion nodes at our oceanographic data center. An operational data system running at PO.DAAC.

    • 3. Discussion

What's the next step for the cluster?

    • 4. A possibly keynote?

We should suggest and visioner will review. We should submit the three sessions to the wiki planning