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3/31/2014 ­ ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster ­ Monthly Telecon Minutes

Cloud Computing ­ Best Practices, Patterns, Use Cases, Reference Architecture, and Prototyping

In addition to keeping the community educated and informed on cloud technologies, we hope to provide documentation on best practices, patterns and reference architectures to this community. There are a lot of interests in looking into Cloud Computing to address our infrastructural needs as well as the vehicle to tackle our Data Intensive Science needs. In preparing for ESIP Summer meeting and to define activities for this cluster for 2015, we are soliciting this community to participate in the following activities.

  • ● Document Cloud patterns and best practices
  • ● Prototyping and Reference Architectures
  • ○ Now ­ June 2014
  • ■ Collect Cloud use cases
  • ■ Community election to rank use cases for prototyping
  • ○ August 2014 ­ Summer 2015
  • ■ Collaborate with ESIP Products and Services on required resources for prototypes
  • ■ Apply best practices and design patterns to render system architectures on selected use cases
  • ■ Develop prototypes

Cloud Use Case Document Template ● Name: ● POC: ● Category [image processing, archive, etc.]: ● Status [Idea, Dev, Ops, etc.]: ● Brief Description: ● Prefered Cloud Vendor: ● Cloud Resources: ● Expected Performance:

Upcoming Featured WebEx Seminars We are working on inviting speakers to our future monthly telecons. Currently we are working on the following topics ● Microsoft Azure ● Eucalyptus ● OpenStack Please email us on any future topics and technologies to be included in our telecons

Cloud Costing Model George Chang of JPL has been working on cloud costing model for the ESDSWG Cloud Computing WG. He will be updating this model to reflect recent changes in costing and mergers among cloud vendors.

ESIP Summer Meeting April 20, 2014 is the deadline to submit summer sessions. Currently we are two sessions in process. Please email us for potential speakers ● Scientific Analysis on the Cloud ○ NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) ­ confirmed ○ OGC ­ TBD ● ESIP Cloud Use Case Review

AGU Fall Meeting session proposals AGU Fall Meeting Earth and Space Science Informatics (IN) sessions to pay attention to ● Cloud Computing for Geoscience ­ Phil Yang ● Data Intensive Science ­ Thomas Huang