Cloud Telecons 05/23/2016

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Telecon Info

To start the online portion of the Personal Conference meeting

  1. Go to
  2. You can also dial in using your phone: United States +1 (571) 317-3112
  3. Access Code: 445-841-573

May 23, 2016 ESIP cloud computing cluster telecon recap

Participants:Annie, Christopher Lynnes, Long Pham, Hook Hua, Phil Yang, Fei Hu, + 2 callers

Three proposed sessions for ESIP summer meeting 2016

  • Big Data and Cloud Computing Expert Panel
  • Application of Cloud Computing for Geoscience Analytics
  • Cloud Computing Hands-On and Hack-a-Thorn Workshop
  • demo, invite participants
  • What platforms and what kind of virtual machine, packages, or toolkits, such as ipython? A survey need to ask for software; 19 minutes for hack-a-thorn; Amazon resource will be end at the end of this year, but not approved yet.
  • Distribution of the audience? ESIP Commons file to ask for attendee. Annie teach us how to advertise the workshop.Assign a level for the audience; a survey table for audience.
  • What is the deadline? Content: June 20; one day before the next telecon;

Cloud testbed

  • What is different from the previous testbed?
The users in the workshop will continue to use it after the summer meeting; evaluation of cloud computing to support different kinds of applications;
  • How does the cloud computing look like? how to develop algorithms on the cloud? fundamental questions, such as how to start and shutdown the vms?