Cloud Computing Telecon

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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  • Participants:Ken Keiser, Rich Martin, Thomas Huang, Phil Yang
  • Bridge:

Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493 Attendee access code: 23133897#

  1. Winter Meeting Recap
  • Thomas will upload slides from our speakers
  • Take baby steps and capture lessons learned and best practices
  • Look into all possible, Linux, Windows, ESIP Private Cloud
  • A need about when could we have the cloud for our use cases
  1. Cloud Computing Testbed Discussion
  • Cloud platform needs: only look into the platform that can support, most looking for free computing, but we need something that is appealing
  • Use Cases
    • P&S 5 testbeds
    • Big data processing, uploading, download (Peter C.)
    • Near Real-time processing earth observation data (J. Evans)
    • Best Configured OpenDAP (Dave, Long)

  1. Cluster Work Plan
  2. Collaborations with Other Clusters
  • support the needs of cloud computing from other clusters
    • Semantic Web
    • Drupel
    • Earth Science Collaboratory
  1. Action Items
  • Develop community consensus matrix of requirements for cloud computing adoption,
  • Identify cloud resources (Amazon, Microsoft, Nebula, Private Cloud),
  • Identify potential applications to be running on the resources,
  • An execution plan with a target of presenting in the summer meeting and EarthCube.
  • Develop a proposal through P&S committee asap