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Identifying ESIP Connections

Linking ESIP Funding Friday Poster

The ESIP community includes many organizations and people from all over the world and community members contribute to our understanding of Earth Systems and information systems in many ways. Connecting those contributions creates an interconnected web of organizations, people, data, software, wiki pages, blogs, papers and books that increases community knowledge and wisdom. Those connections rely on persistent identifiers to activate that web. The Identifying ESIP Connections project was started during the summer of 2019 with sessions on FAIR Metadata and Metadata Evaluation. These sessions included robust discussions of many aspects of metadata including many kinds of identifiers. One particularly interesting topic was organizational identifiers and, particularly, the recently released Research Organization Registry.

A Funding Friday project was proposed (see Figure) to help facilitate ESIP navigation of the growing identifier landscape. Pages that are relevant to this effort, many created as part of the Linking ESIP Project, are collected here. Hopefully they provide interesting and helpful information. Of course the community is invited to help these pages stay up-to-date by contributing information uncovered as we move forward.

Adopting RORs

Creating change in large organizations is a difficult process that depends on leadership and organizational capabilities. The process of adopting a new identifier is like any other change process. To be effective, it must start with a small number of secret change agents that are already doing things right. The goal of Identifying ESIP Connections is to help empower those change agents by enabling them to 1) start using organization identifiers and 2) provide information that others in their organizations need to use them.

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