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=ESIP Collaboration Area Strategic Plan 2016= * Co-Chair (s): * Website (wiki): * Monthly Meeting Day/Time: ==ESIP Vision== To be a leader in promoting the collection, stewardship and use of Earth science data, information and knowledge that are responsive to societal needs. ==2015-2020 Strategic Plan Goals== * Increase the use and value of Earth science data and information. * Strengthen the ties between observations and user communities (e.g. technologies, research, education and applications). * Promote techniques to articulate and measure the socioeconomic value and benefit of Earth science data, information, and applications. * Position ESIP to play a major role in Earth science issues (e.g. addressing effects of climate change mitigation, adaptation and supporting sustainable science data infrastructure). Resources: [[2015-2020_Strategic_Plan | 2015-2020 Strategic Plan Executive Summary]] <br> [ Strategic Plan Roadmap] <br> ==Collaboration Area Plan== ===Collaboration Area Objective:=== ===Things we may do to fulfill our objectives:=== ===Things our collaboration area needs to deliver our objectives?=== ''(e.g. Partnerships, in-kind support, staff support)'' ===How will we know we are on the right track?=== ===How will others know what we are doing in & out of ESIP?=== [[category:2016Plan]]