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The proposed standard_names are needed for a model intercomparison of three CTMs within the Global and regional Earth-system (Atmosphere) Monitoring using Satellite and in-situ data GEMS project within the theme Global Reactive Gases (GRG). In addition, most of these names probably will be needed within the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution TF HTAP.

The proposed standard_names listed below are based on the ideas provided at Construction of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Terms and Future Standard_Names. They are constructed from name components and species mentioned in tables 1 and 2 of this page.


Version update[edit | edit source]

  • first version 29 June 2006 Christiane Textor
  • updated by CT according to the comments of Vincent-Henri Peuch (see discussion page)

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Proposed names[edit | edit source]

Table 3.1: Proposed names for chemicals[edit | edit source]

CF Standard_name Explanation Canonical unit
gas phase species: concentrations and columns
mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air volume mixing ratio of ozone, O3 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_hydrogen_peroxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_hydroxyl_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of the hydroxy radical, hydroxyl, OH 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_hydroperoxy_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of the hydroperoxy radical, HO2 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_nitrogen_monoxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of nitrogen monoxide, NO 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_nitrogen_dioxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of nitrogen dioxide, NO2 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_all_nitrogen_oxides_in_air volume mixing ratio of total_nitrogen_oxides NOy, includes all nitrogen oxides included in the model, to be specified in by the modeller in the long_name attribute if possible ??? 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_nitric_acid_in_air volume mixing ratio of nitric acid, HNO3 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_ammonia_in_air volume mixing ratio of ammonia, NH3 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_ammonium_in_air volume mixing ratio of ammonium, NH4 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_peroxy_acetyl_nitrate_in_air volume mixing ratio of peroxy acetyl nitrate, PAN, CH3COO2NO2 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of carbon monoxide, CO 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_formaldehyde_in_air volume mixing ratio of formaldehyde, CH2O 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_sulfur_dioxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of sulfur dioxide, SO2 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_radon_in_air volume mixing ratio of radon, Rn 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_lead_in_air volume mixing ratio of lead, Pb 1=mole/mole
mole_fraction_of_ozone_from_stratosphere_in troposphere volume mixing ratio of ozone from the stratosphere 1=mole/mole
mole_content_of_ozone_in_air_below_chemical_tropopause vertically integrated moles of O3 in the gas phase mole/m2
mole_content_of_nitrogen_monooxide_in_air_below_chemical_tropopause vertically integrated moles of NO in the gas phase mole/m2
mole_content_of_nitrogen_dioxide_in_air_below_chemical_tropopause vertically integrated moles of NO2in the gas phase mole/m2
mole_content_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air_below_chemical_tropopause vertically integrated moles of CO in the gas phase mole/m2
mole_content_of_formaldehyde_in_air_below_chemical_tropopause vertically integrated moles of H2CO in the gas phase mole/m2
mole_content_of_sulfur_dioxide_in_air_below_chemical_tropopause vertically integrated moles of SO2 in the gas phase mole/m2
gases: fluxes/productions/emissions
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_ozone dry deposition flux of O3 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_hydrogen_peroxide dry deposition flux of H2O2 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_nitrogen_monooxide dry deposition flux of NO mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_nitrogen_dioxide dry deposition flux of NO2 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_all_nitrogen_oxides dry deposition flux of NOy mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_nitric_acid dry deposition flux of HNO3 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_ammonia dry deposition flux of NH3 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_ammonium dry deposition flux of NH4 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_peroxy_acetyl_nitrate dry deposition flux of PAN mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_carbon_monoxide dry deposition flux of CO mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_formaldehyde wet deposition flux of CHO2 mole/m2/s
surface_dry_deposition_mole_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_sulfur_dioxide dry deposition flux of SO2 mole/m2/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_ozone_at_surface dry deposition velocity of O3 1/s??
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_hydrogen_peroxide dry deposition velocity of H2O2 1/s??
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_nitrogen_monooxide dry deposition velocity of NO 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_nitrogen_dioxide dry deposition velocity of NO2 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_all_nitrogen_oxides dry deposition velocity of NOy 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_nitric_acide dry deposition velocity of HNO3 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_ammonia dry deposition velocity of NH3 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_ammonium dry deposition velocity of NH4 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_peroxy_acetyl_nitrate dry deposition velocity of PAN 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_carbon_monoxide dry deposition velocity of CO 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_formaldehyde wet deposition velocity of CHO2 1/s
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence_of_sulfur_dioxide dry deposition velocity of SO2 1/s
surface_wet_deposition_mole_flux_of_all_nitrogen_oxides wet deposition of NOy mole/m2/s
surface_wet_deposition_mole_flux_of_nitric_acid wet deposition of HNO3 mole/m2/s
surface_wet_deposition_mole_flux_of_ammonia wet deposition of NH3 mole/m2/s
surface_wet_deposition_mole_flux_of_ammonium wet deposition of NH4 mole/m2/s
surface_wet_deposition_mole_flux_of_sulfur_dioxide wet deposition of SO2 mole/m2/s
chemical_net_production_of_ozone chemical net production of ozone from all reactions (prod-loss) 1/s=mole/mole/s
chemical_gross_production_of_ozone chemical gross production of ozone 1/s=mole/mole/s
chemical_destruction_of_ozone chemical destruction of ozone 1/s=mole/mole/s

Table 3.2: Proposed names for aerosols[edit | edit source]

CF Standard_name Explanation Canonical unit
aerosols: concentrations and columns
mass_concentration_of_dry_aerosol total dry aerosol kg/m3

Table 3.3: Other names needed for the intercomparison of Chemical Transport Models[edit | edit source]

CF Standard_name Explanation Canonical unit
lightning_flash_frequency flash frequency due to lightning 1/s=flashes/s
grid_box_area model grid box area m2
atmosphere_reference_pressure_at_surface atmospheric reference pressure at the surface (around 10^5 Pa) Pa