CF Standard Names - Discussed Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Terms

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Currently Proposed Names[edit | edit source]

This may be a page of the latest list of proposed air chemistry names.

May be restricted for editing by 'managers'. The associated discussion page on Proposed Names could be open to anyone.

Standard Name Table[edit | edit source]

Standard Name Canonical Units GRIB PCMDI
aerosol_angstrom_exponent 1    
air_density kg m-3    
air_potential_temperature K 13 theta
R4,C1 R4,C2 R4,C3 R4,C4
R5,C1 R5,C2 R5,C3 R5,C4
R6,C1 R6,C2 R6,C3 R6,C4

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PRISM proposals in black, new suggestion in blue      
CF species_name Species Chemical formula Remarks
carbon_dioxide alias co2 Carbon dioxide * CO2 * already defined in CF
ozone  alias: o3 Ozone ** O3 ** used both in the atmosphere and the ocean (O3, DMS)
nitrogen_oxide Nitrogen oxide NO  
hydrogen_peroxide Hydrogen peroxide H2O2  
methane Methane CH4  
carbon_monoxide Carbon monoxide CO  
nitric_acid Nitric acid HNO3  
methyl_hydrogen_peroxide Methyl hydrogen peroxide CH3O2H  
formaldehyde Formaldehyde CH2O  
peroxy_acetyl_nitrate Peroxy acetyl nitrate (PAN) CH3C(O)O2NO2  
sulfur_dioxide Sulfur dioxide SO2  
dimethyl_sulfide Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) ** CH3SCH3  
ammonia Ammonia NH3  
ammonium Ammonium NH4  
methane_sulfonic_acid Methane sulfonic acid (MSA) CH3SO2OH  
hydroperoxy_radical Hydroperoxy radical HO2  
methyl_peroxy_radical Methyl peroxy radical CH3O2  
hydroxyl_radical Hydroxyl radical (hydroxy radical) OH  
nitrogen_dioxide Nitrogen dioxide NO2  
nitrate_radical Nitrate radical NO3  
dinitrogen_pentoxide Dinitrogen pentoxide N2O5  
nitric_acid Nitric acid HNO3  
peroxy_nitric_acid Peroxy nitric acid HNO4  
peroxy_acetyl_radical Peroxy acetyl radical C2O3  
oxygen_radical_in_1D_state Oxygen radical in the 1D (excited) state O(1-D)  
ethane ethane C2H6  
ethylene ethylene or ethene C2H4  
acetylene acetylene C2H2  
propane propane C3H8  
propene propene C3H6  
acetone acetone C3H6O  
butane butane C4H10  
methyl_glyoxal Methyl glyoxal CH3C(O)C(O)H  
isoprene Isoprene, 2-methyl-1,3-butadiene C5H8  
lumped species (modified CBMiv) Species    
paraffinic_carbon_bonds paraffinic carbon bonds    alkanic carbon bonds 
olefinic_carbon_bonds olefinic carbon bonds   alkenic carbon bonds
aldehydes_higher_than_2 acetaldehyde and higher aldehydes,    
aldehydes with more than one C atom, RCHO    
organic_peroxides  lumped higher organic peroxides, ROOH    
organic_nitrates  lumped alkyl nitrates, organic nitrates, RNO3    
secondary_organic_oxy_radical  the secondary_organic_oxy_radical, ROR    
alkyl_peroxy_radical  alkyl peroxy radicals, XO2    
intermediate_product_of_isoprene_oxidation  XO2N (intermediate product of isoprene oxidation)    
nox  NOx=NO+NO2    
hox  HOx=OH+HO2    
Aerosols     extension _aerosol to distinguish from gases (e.g. NO3) radical in gas phase, from NO3 ion in aerosol
dust_aerosol dust    
seasalt_aerosol seasalt    
black carbon_aerosol black carbon BC  
hydrophilic_black carbon_aerosol hydrophilic_black carbon BC  
hydrophobic_black carbon_aerosol hydrophobic_black carbon BC  
organic_carbon_aerosol_from_terpenes_aerosol organic_carbon_aerosol_from_terpenes ? organic_carbon_from_terpenes (aerosol is a compartment)
organic_carbon_aerosol organic_carbon OC  
hydrophilic_organic_carbon_aerosol hydrophilic_organic_carbon OC  
hydrophobic_organic_carbon_aerosol hydrophobic_organic_carbon OC  
sulfate_aerosol sulfate SO4(2-) what is the cation?
nitrate_aerosol nitrate NO3(-) what is the cation?
ammonium_aerosol ammonium NH4(+)  
ammonium_sulfate_aerosol ammonium_sulfate (NH4)2SO4 do we need sulfate and ammonium sulfate?
aerosol total aerosol    
aerosol water  aerosol water     
conversion_factor_OC_POM_aerosol conversion factor organic carbon to particulate organic carbon