CF Standard Names - Construction of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Terms

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This page provides our ideas on how to construct new names for chemistry and aerosols in the future.
For the standard_names actually proposed to the CF convention see Proposed Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Names


  • first version 22 May 2006
  • updated 2 June 2006 Christiane Textor
  • updated 8 June 2006 Christiane Textor
  • updated 12 June 2006 Michael Schulz
  • updated 13 June 2006 Christiane Textor
  • updated 30 June 2006 Christiane Textor

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The ideas in these table are based on work in the PRISM project (Peter van Velthoven) see PRISM Standard Name Tables, latest Version, V 1.3

Table 1 provides the name-components and terms to be used in constructing CF names for Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol purposes.

Tables 2 add a list of chemical and aerosol species to be used together with the name components given in table 1.

Tables 3 provide a list of most often used standard names, constructed solely from name components and species already mentioned in tables 1 and 2.

Table 1: Components to construct full CF standard names

Several types of Name-components exist: 1) Compartments; 2) Interface or Origin information; 3) Concentration/mixing ratio/column burden; 4) Fluxes; 5) Optical properties


  • all forcing variables are still missing
  • always provide also in_air = atmosphere (as opposed to ocean,soil) info in names?
  • how to distinguish ion - radicals, e.g. NO3 ?


  • articles and prepositions should be avoided
  • try to use SI units (e.g. not hours but seconds)
  • atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_X

is defined by CF, however: 1) very long name, 2) does not fit with cloud_optical_depth, 3) is there any opt. depth not in the atmosphere? therefore suggestion of this new name/alias"

Compartement explanation unit further remark
atmosphere atmosphere in all phases large-scale property, prefix
troposphere in troposphere in all phases large-scale property, prefix
stratosphere in stratosphere in all phases large-scale property, prefix
in_air in air locally measurable
in_cloudy_air in cloudy air locally measurable
in_clear_air in clear air, outside clouds locally measurable
in_cloudwater within cloud-water or cloud-ice locally measurable
in_rainwater within precipitating rain water locally measurable
in_sea_water in sea water locally measurable
Interface or Origin information
from_stratosphere origin in stratosphere
from_troposphere origin of tracer in troposphere
at_surface at surface level
at_tropopause tropopause level
at_top_of_atmosphere top of atmosphere level

Concentration/mixing ratio/column unit
content vertically integrated moles, mass oder number gases: mole/m2, aerosol mass: kg/m2, aerosol number: 1/m2
mole_fraction for gases mole/mole, 1
mass_concentration aerosols mass kg/m3
number_concentration aerosols number 1/m3

Fluxes [species-unit/second]
dry_deposition_flux_due_to_turbulence turbulent dry deposition different for aerosols masses/numbers and gases
dry_deposition_flux_due_to_sedimentation sedimentation/gravitational settling different for aerosols masses/numbers and gases
dry_deposition_flux dry deposition (dry=turdry??+seddry??) different for aerosols masses/numbers and gases
emission_flux emission different for aerosols and gases
chemical_gross_production chemical production rate? different for aerosols and gases
chemical_net_production net chemical production rate? different for aerosols and gases
chemical_destruction chemical destruction rate? different for aerosols and gases
gases G
emission_flux_of_G_at_surface mole/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_of_G_at_surface mole/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_G_at_surface mole/m2/s
chemical_gross_production_of_G_in_air 1/s=mole/mole/s
chemical_net_production_of_G_in_air 1/s=mole/mole/s
chemical_destruction_of_G_in_air 1/s=mole/mole/s
aerosols A
emission_flux_of_A_at_surface kg/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_due_to_turbulence_of_A_at_surface kg/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_due_to_sedimentation_of_A_at_surface kg/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_of_A_at_surface kg/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_A_at_surface kg/m2/s
chemical_gross_production_of_A_in_air kg/m3/s
chemical_net_production_of_A_in_air kg/m3/s
chemical_destruction_of_A_in_air kg/m3/s
Velocities |
dry_deposition_velocity_due_to_turbulence turbulent dry deposition velocity m/s
Optical properties / forcing
optical_depth_at_XX_nm aerosol optical depth at wavelength XX nm 1 equivalent to atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_X ?
Existing terms for Radiative Forcing forcing specified per species W/m2 to be used with species name (X_forcing)
Velocities |

flash_frequency_due_to_lightning flash frequency due to lightning 1/s=flashes/s
grid_box_area model grid box area m2

Table 2: Species names

Table 2.1: Chemicals

Gas Species
CF species_name Species Chemical formula Remarks
nitrogen_monooxide Nitrogen monooxide NO
hydrogen_peroxide Hydrogen peroxide H2O2
methane Methane CH4
carbon_monoxide Carbon monoxide CO
nitric_acid Nitric acid HNO3
methyl_hydrogen_peroxide Methyl hydrogen peroxide CH3O2H
formaldehyde Formaldehyde CH2O
peroxy_acetyl_nitrate Peroxy acetyl nitrate (PAN) CH3C(O)O2NO2
sulfur_dioxide Sulfur dioxide SO2
dimethyl_sulfide Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) ** CH3SCH3
ammonia Ammonia NH3
ammonium Ammonium NH4
methane_sulfonic_acid Methane sulfonic acid (MSA) CH3SO2OH
hydroperoxy_radical Hydroperoxy radical HO2
methyl_peroxy_radical Methyl peroxy radical CH3O2
hydroxyl_radical Hydroxyl radical (hydroxy radical) OH
nitrogen_dioxide Nitrogen dioxide NO2
nitrate_radical Nitrate radical NO3
dinitrogen_pentoxide Dinitrogen pentoxide N2O5
nitric_acid Nitric acid HNO3
peroxy_nitric_acid Peroxy nitric acid HNO4
peroxy_acetyl_radical Peroxy acetyl radical C2O3
oxygen_radical_in_1D_state Oxygen radical in the 1D (excited) state O(1-D)
ethane ethane C2H6
ethylene ethylene or ethene C2H4
acetylene acetylene C2H2
propane propane C3H8
propene propene C3H6
acetone acetone C3H6O
butane butane C4H10
methyl_glyoxal Methyl glyoxal CH3C(O)C(O)H
isoprene Isoprene, 2-methyl-1,3-butadiene C5H8
lumped species (modified CBMiv) Species
paraffinic_carbon_bonds paraffinic (alkanic) carbon bonds
olefinic_carbon_bonds olefinic (alkenic) carbon bonds
aldehydes_higher_than_2 acetaldehyde and higher aldehydes,
organic_peroxides lumped higher organic peroxides, ROOH
organic_nitrates lumped alkyl nitrates, organic nitrates, RNO3
secondary_organic_oxy_radical the secondary_organic_oxy_radical, ROR
alkyl_peroxy_radical alkyl peroxy radicals, XO2
intermediate_product_of_isoprene_oxidation XO2N (intermediate product of isoprene oxidation)
nox NOx=NO+NO2
hox HOx=OH+HO2

Table 2.2: Aerosols

Aerosol Species
CF species_name Species Chemical formula Remarks
aerosols extension _aerosol to distinguish from gases (e.g. NO3) radical in gas phase, from NO3 ion in aerosol
dust_aerosol dry aerosol dust
seasalt_aerosol dry aerosol seasalt
black carbon_aerosol dry aerosol black carbon BC
hydrophilic_black carbon_aerosol dry aerosol hydrophilic black carbon BC
hydrophobic_black carbon_aerosol dry aerosol hydrophobic black carbon BC
organic_carbon_aerosol_from_terpenes_as_particulate_organic_matter_aerosol dry aerosol organic carbon aerosol from terpenes ?
organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_matter_aerosol dry aerosol organic carbon OC
hydrophilic_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_matter_aerosol dry aerosol hydrophilic organic carbon OC
hydrophobic_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_matter_aerosol dry aerosol hydrophobic organic carbon OC
sulfate_as_sulfate_aerosol dry aerosol sulfate SO4(2-) what is the cation?
nitrate_as_nitrate_aerosol dry aerosol nitrate NO3(-) what is the cation?
ammonium_as_ammonium_aerosol dry aerosol ammonium NH4(+)
ammonium_sulfate_aerosol dry aerosol ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 do we need sulfate and ammonium sulfate?
aerosol dry aerosol total aerosol
aerosol water aerosol water
conversion_factor_OC_POM_aerosol conversion factor organic carbon to particulate organic carbon
PM10_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size of 10um or less
PM2p5_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size of 2.5um or less, fine fraction
PM1_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size of 1um or less
PM0p1_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size of 0.1um or less, ultrafine fraction
nucleation_mode_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size of 0.01um or less
Aitken_mode_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size between 0.01 and 0.1um
accumulation_mode_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size between 0.1 and 1um
coarse_aerosol particles of aerodynamic size between 2.5 and 10um, coarse fraction

Table 3: Future names

Table 3.1: Future names for chemicals

Proposed Standard names
CF Standard_name Canonical unit
gas phase species
mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air volume mixing ratio of methane, CH4 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_methyl_hydrogen_peroxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of methyl hydrogen peroxide, CH3O2H 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_dimethyl_sulfide_in_air volume mixing ratio of dimethyl sulfide, DMS, CH3SCH3 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_ammonia_in_air volume mixing ratio of ammonia, NH3 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_ammonium_in_air volume mixing ratio of ammonium, NH4 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_methane_sulfonic_acid_in_air volume mixing ratio of methane sulfonic acid, MSA, CH3SO2OH 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_methyl_peroxy_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of the methyl peroxy radical, CH3O2 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_nitrate_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of the nitrate radical, NO3 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_dinitrogen_pentoxide_in_air volume mixing ratio of dinitrogen pentoxide, N2O5 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_peroxy_nitric_acid_in_air volume mixing ratio of peroxy nitric acid, HNO4 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_peroxy_acetyl_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of the peroxy acetyl radical, C2O3 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_oxygen_radical_in_1D_state_in_air volume mixing ratio of the oxygen radical in the 1D excited state, O(1D) 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_ethane_in_air volume mixing ratio of ethane, C2H6 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_ethene_in_air volume mixing ratio of ethene, C2H4 (aka ethylene) 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_acetylene_in_air volume mixing ratio of acetylene, C2H2 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_propane_in_air volume mixing ratio of propane, C3H8 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_propene_in_air volume mixing ratio of propene, C3H6 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_acetone_in_air volume mixing ratio of acetone, C3H6O 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_butane_in_air volume mixing ratio of butane, C4H10 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_methyl_glyoxal_in_air volume mixing ratio of methyl_glyoxal, CH3COCOH 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_isoprene_in_air volume mixing ratio of isoprene, C5H8 1 (mole/mole)
lumped species
mole_fraction_of_paraffinic_carbon_bonds_in_air volume mixing ratio of paraffinic carbon bonds 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_olefinic_carbon_bonds_in_air volume mixing ratio of olefinic carbon bonds 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_aldehydes_higher_than_2_in_air volume mixing ratio of aldehydes with more than one C atom, RCHO 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_organic_peroxides_in_air volume mixing ratio of lumped higher organic peroxides, ROOH 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_organic_nitrates_in_air volume mixing ratio of lumped alkyl nitrates, organic nitrates, RNO3 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_secondary_organic_oxy_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of the secondary_organic_oxy_radical, ROR 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_alkyl_peroxy_radical_in_air volume mixing ratio of alkyl peroxy radicals, XO2 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_intermediate_product_of_isoprene_oxidation_in_air volume mixing ratio of XO2N (intermediate product of isoprene oxidation) 1 (mole/mole)
mole_fraction_of_hox_in_air volume mixing ratio of HOx=OH+HO2 1 (mole/mole)
gases: fluxes/productions/emissions
chemical_loss_of_sulfur_dioxide chemical loss rate of SO2 1/s=(mole/mole/s)

Table 3.2: Future names for aerosols

Proposed Standard names
mass_concentration_of_sulfate_as_sulfate_aerosol_in_air dry aerosol sulfate aerosol (SO4) kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_nitrate_as_nitrate_aerosol_in_air dry aerosol nitrate aerosol (NO3-) kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_ammonium_sulfate_aerosol_in_air dry ammoniumsulfate aerosol ((NH4)2SO4) kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_seasalt_aerosol_in_air dry seasalt aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_organic_carbon_aerosol_from_terpenes_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry aerosol from terpenes kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry organic carbon aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_hydrophilic_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry hydrophilic organic carbon aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_hydrophobic_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry hydrophobic organic carbon aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_black_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry black carbon aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_hydrophilic_black_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry hydrophilic black carbon aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_hydrophobic_black_carbon_aerosol_in_air dry hydrophobic black carbon aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_dust_aerosol_in_air dry dust aerosol kg/m3
mass_concentration_of_aerosol_water aerosol water kg/m3
aerosols: fluxes/productions/emissions
dry_deposition_flux_of_sulfate_as_sulfate_aerosol_at_surface dry deposition of dry sulfate at the surface 2D kgS/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_of_seasalt_at_surface dry deposition of dry seasalt at the surface 2D kg/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_of_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_at_surface dry deposition of dry organic carbon at the surface 2D kgC/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_of_black_carbon_aerosol_at_surface dry deposition of dry black carbon at the surface 2D kgC/m2/s
dry_deposition_flux_of_dust_aerosol_at_surface dry deposition of dry dust at the surface 2D kg/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_sulfate_as_sulfate_aerosol_at_surface wet deposition of dry sulfate at the surface 2D kgS/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_seasalt_aerosol_at_surface wet deposition of dry seasalt at the surface 2D kg/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_orbanic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_at_surface wet deposition of dry organic carbon at the surface 2D kgC/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_black_carbon_aerosol_at_surface wet deposition of dry black carbon at the surface 2D kgC/m2/s
wet_deposition_flux_of_dust_aerosol_at_surface wet deposition of dry dust at the surface 2D kg/m2/s
emission_flux_of_sulfate_aerosol_as_sulfate_at_surface emission of dry sulfate at the surface 2D kgS/m2/s
emission_flux_of_seasalt_aerosol_at_surface emission of dry seasalt at the surface 2D kg/m2/s
emission_flux_of_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_at_surface emission of dry organic carbon at the surface 2D kgC/m2/s
emission_flux_of_black_carbon_aerosol_at_surface emission of dry black carbon at the surface 2D kgC/m2/s
emission_flux_of_dust_aerosol_at_surface emission of dry dust at the surface 2D kg/m2/s
emission_flux_of_sulfate_as_sulfate_aerosol_atmosphere emission of dry sulfate in the atmosphere 3D (including chemical production) kgS/m3/s
emission_flux_of_organic_carbon_as_particulate_organic_carbon_aerosol_in _the_atmosphere emission of dry organic carbon in the atmosphere 3D kgC/m3/s
emission_flux_of_black_carbon_atmosphere emission of dry black carbon in the atmosphere 3D kgC/m3/s
chemical_net_production_of_sulfate_as_sulfate_aerosol_atmosphere chemical production rate of dry sulfate 1/s (kg/s)
optical properties
sulfate_aerosol_optical_depth dry sulfate aerosol optical depth 1
black_carbon_aerosol_optical_depth dry black carbon aerosol optical depth 1
organic_carbon_aerosol_optical_depth dry organic carbon aerosol optical depth 1
dust_aerosol_optical_depth dry dust aerosol optical depth 1
seasalt_aerosol_optical_depth dry seasalt aerosol optical depth 1