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=The CF Standards Cluster=
=The CF Conventions Cluster=
Information about the Climate Forecast Conventions has moved to [[:Category:Climate Forecast Conventions | Climate Forecast Conventions]].
:Propose extensions to the CF naming conventions that are relevant to observational data
:Create use cases and interoperability demos that demonstrate the value of CF usage in remote sensing
:Provide tutorials at Federation meetings on the use of the CF conventions
==Get Involved: Monthly Telecons==
[[Category:CollabArea]][[category:Climate Forecast Conventions]]
:Next telecon:
::Tuesday Jan 17, 2pm ET / 11am PT (tentative)
::Dial: 877-668-4493
::Access code: 23138379
:::HDF-EOS / CF Conversion Table
:::Winter Meeting Plans
:Minutes of past telecons/meetings:
== Possible CF Extensions ==
:1. Spectral bands
::Define as dimension rather than coordinate variable
::Pre-define band names
::Pre-define by wavelength/frequency range
::[[Spectral_Band|Proposal by Tom Whittaker]]
:2. Data quality
::Modifiers such as "percent_cloud_free"
:3. Swath geometry
::Orbital parameters
:4. Engineering parameters
::Calibration tables
== CF-Aware Tools ==
== Join the Cluster e-mail list ==
== External Links ==
:CF Home Page
:Read the CF-satellite archives (UCAR):
:Join the CF-satellite e-mail list (UCAR):
== Governance ==
Interim Chair: Rob Raskin  raskin at jpl.nasa.gov

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The CF Conventions Cluster

Information about the Climate Forecast Conventions has moved to Climate Forecast Conventions.