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Christine White, Technical Advisor, Esri[edit | edit source]

I'm honored to be nominated for Vice President of ESIP. As we’re all aware, the creation, management, and sharing of Earth Science information is critical to affect positive change for the challenges our world faces. To collaborate with each other - the leading informatics scientists and specialists in our country (and as ESIP grows, perhaps the world) - is some of the highest work we get to do.

Serving the past two years as the Products & Services Committee Chair has been an excellent experience, largely because of the interesting projects we awarded and the inspiring people who contributed to the committee’s activities. With the help of many of you, the committee supported innovative projects in the ESIP Testbed, encouraged agile teamwork in member and student projects through FUNding Friday, and contributed to the re-envisioning of the Testbed such that ESIP could facilitate technology evaluation and infusion. There is more growth ahead for Products & Services, and we look forward to seeing it thrive!

Goals & Vision[edit | edit source]

Strongly supporting and promoting ESIP Committee and Cluster endeavors like the Products & Services Testbed is one of my goals in the coming year as Vice President. A closely related goal is to carry forward the objectives of the ESIP 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, cooperating with ESIP Leadership so the plan can succeed.

My vision is to strengthen connections between ESIP members, our research and experiences, and our external communities so the collaborations through ESIP result in the best earth science information of our day. And let’s create a space to grow great friendships while doing so.

My Career Life, and ESIP[edit | edit source]

I bring the best of my past experience to this opportunity - in the geospatial software world, I've worked as a consultant, project manager, product manager, and now a technical advisor. In these roles, teamwork has been by far the most important contributor to success - with openness, dedication, and creativity also important factors. Seeing solutions that aren't the obvious ones, developing plans and asking for critique, and continuously growing my knowledge of geospatial science challenges and approaches is part of my everyday work. I share what I learn from my ESIP colleagues with my Esri colleagues and vice versa - the idea is to build connections so scientists can do their important research with software supporting them the best way.