CENR Monitoring Strategy

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This wiki is devoted to the preparation for a proposal 'Air Quality Observatory (AQO) Prototype', NSF solicitation: Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Observatories. This experiment in open collaborative proposal writing is facilitated by the ESIP wiki; their support is appreciated. To participate, click on "create account or log in" in the upper right corner and you can begin to create or edit pages and discuss items by clicking the edit tab. To practice editing, take a few minutes playing in the Sandbox. A good way to start is by scanning and possibly contributing to the Discussion on the 12 NSF Requirements stated in the solicitation. For questions or problems, please contact the moderator.

What's New - Final Proposal PDF

This wiki is now defunct. During its productive life cycle, Jan 15-25 2006, it was the workspace for the collaborative writing of the AQO proposal. The only active area is the Wiki the Tool, Wiki the Process. Comments are welcome.

  • Wenesday, Jan 25: Proposal Submitted! - Thanks AQO Team

Integration across Air Quality Observation Systems

  1. Objectives
  2. Summary of existing networks
    1. Summary of major networks, field campaigns and remote sensing systems.
    2. Findings from Intensive Field Campaigns
    3. Inventory of strategies
  3. What are the emerging challenges and design drivers facing observational systems.
    1. Forecasting and data assimilation
    2. LR transport
    3. Linked bi-directionality with other media
    4. Hazardous and persistent chemicals
    5. Accountability and MP assessments
  4. What information gaps address those challenges
  5. System support for data archiving, harmonization, delivery and interpretation.
  6. Process for Moving forward