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GMU LAITS Services

GMU service chain in BPEL, including WCS, WICS and WCTS

  * http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/doc/WCS_WICS_WCTS.bpel 

Web Coverage Service (WCS)
Access URL:

  * http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/WCS1020  	        1.0.20  	MODIS, ASTER
  * http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/NWGISS 	        1.0.0 	        MODIS, ASTER
  * http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/gdalwcs/gdalwcs 	1.0.0 	        Global Landsat

Example Get capabilities http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/NWGISS?REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=wcs Describe coverage

Web Map Service (WMS)
Access URL

  * http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/wms  	1.1.1  	MODIS, ASTER, Landsat


  * Get capability http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/wms?REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=wms

Data Format Translation Service
Demo: http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/gdal/
WSDL: http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/gdal/gdal_util.wsdl
Access URL:

  * http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/axis/services/gdal_util 

Catalog Service for Web (CSW)
Introduction: http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/csw/discovery/
Demo: http://laits.gmu.edu/testpages/csw_test.html
Access URL:

  * http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/LAITSCSW2/discovery  	Search GeoBrain local archive.
  * http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/LAITSCSF2/discovery 	Search GeoBrain local archive and online data registered in ECHO.

Web Image Classification Service (WICS)
Demo: http://laits.gmu.edu/testpages/wics_test.html
WSDL: http://laits.gmu.edu/schemas/WSDL/WICS_0_0_20_ISODATA.wsdl http://laits.gmu.edu/schemas/WSDL/WICS_0_0_20_MinDistance.wsdl
Access URL:

  * http://laits.gmu.edu:8099/wics/classifiers/ISODATA  	An unsupervised ISODATA image classification service. 
* http://data.laits.gmu.edu:8099/wics/classifiers/MinDistance A supervised image classification service.

Web Coordinate Transformation Service (WCTS)
Demo http://laits.gmu.edu/testpages/wcts_test.html
WSDL http://laits.gmu.edu/schemas/WSDL/WCTS_0_0_20.wsdl
Access URL:

  * http://data.laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/WCTS/wcts
* http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/WCTS/wcts
* http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/WCTS/wcts

UAH Services

HDF-EOS Subsetting Service (SOAP) - registered as ECHO web services

  WSDL: http://ws.itsc.uah.edu/services/subsetting/HEW/HEWSubsetting.wsdl 
Other Documentation: http://ws.itsc.uah.edu/services/subsetting/HEW/

ADaM Data Mining and Image Processing Services (SOAP) Some of the ADaM components are already exposed as web services, but more could be added as required for this demonstration. More information on ADaM is available at http://datamining.itsc.uah.edu/adam/

Passive Microwave Data Web Mapping Services The GHRC Data Pool (http://datapool.nsstc.nasa.gov) utilizes the following WMS implementations to provide quicklook access to the swath data contained in the pool.

  TMI: http://moby.itsc.uah.edu/cgi-bin/datapool/WMS/TMIWMS.cgi?
  Example: http://moby.itsc.uah.edu/cgi-bin/datapool/WMS/TMIWMS.cgi?REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=jpg&WIDTH=835&HEIGHT=500&LAYERS=tmiwop_5_A&BBOX=-180%2C-90%2C180%2C90&TIME=2005-01-04Z2005-02-04Z&BGCOLOR=0xFFFFFF&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&VERSION=1.1.1&SRS=NONE&go=Display

  AMSU-A: http://moby.itsc.uah.edu/cgi-bin/datapool/WMS/AMSUWMS.cgi?
  Examples: http://moby.itsc.uah.edu/cgi-bin/datapool/WMS/AMSUWMS.cgi?REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=jpg&WIDTH=835&HEIGHT=500&LAYERS=amsua15sp_01_A&BBOX=-180%2C-90%2C180%2C90&TIME=2005-01-04Z2005-02-04Z&BGCOLOR=0xFFFFFF&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&VERSION=1.1.1&SRS=NONE&go=Display
  SSM/I: http://moby.itsc.uah.edu/cgi-bin/datapool/WMS/SSMIWMS.cgi?
  Example: http://moby.itsc.uah.edu/cgi-bin/datapool/WMS/SSMIWMS.cgi?REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=jpg&WIDTH=835&HEIGHT=500&LAYERS=mif13clws_clw_a&BBOX=-180%2C-90%2C180%2C90&TIME=2005-01-04Z2005-02-04Z&BGCOLOR=0xFFFFFF&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&VERSION=1.1.1&SRS=NONE&go=Display

SCOOP Services

SCOOP Data Catalog and Inventory Services (SOAP) The SCOOP project (http://scoop.sura.org) is producing coastal model output from various institutions and putting the products in distributed archives with a central catalog/inventory capability. Catalog and inventory services have been developed for distributed application access to this information.

  SCOOP Service Documentation: http://scoop.sura.org/services.html
  Some services are restricted access for catalog security concerns.

DataFed DataAccess Services

DataFed DataAccess Services

SciFlo Services and Workflows

GeoRegionQuery and FindDataById services are available at: [[1]]

Called as: GeoRegionQuery('AIRS', 'L2', None, '2003-01-03 00:00:00', '2003-01-03 04:59:59', -90., 90., -180., 180., 'Medium')

Workflow Examples at: http://sciflo/genesis/cgi-bin/sciflo/get_sciflos.cgi

WIPE Services and Datasets

http://www.actgate.com/reason <== project overview

+XML schema being used: http://www.actgate.com/home/products/wipe_icd.pdf

+example queries for coverage/queries/mosaic building can be located at: http://goes.wipecentral.net/wipexml.htm

+example WCS access to WIPE serveres: (TBD)

+Some of Our SOAP interfaces: http://www.actgate.com/react/remote-mshell/(TBD) This can be tested against the following service site (TBD).

+example of Clien Application (REACT) accessing multiple servers/services: (TBD)

SEDAC Services

Beta (test) WMS/WFS Server. List of services, including GetCapabilities and GetMap links.

Beta (test) Coverage Portrayal Serivce.

Real-time Unidata THREDDS-based Weather Forecast Model Output Services

A collection of real-time weather forecast model output datasets of the type that provide a challenge in the GALEON experiment is available at: Real time weather forecast model data from the Unidata IDD (Internet Data Distribution): http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/idd/models.html

This page points to catalogs of datasets that contain the output of several different weather forecast models run at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). By drilling down into these catalogs of catalogs, one can get a list of datasets corresponding to recent forecast model runs. More information about four different protocols for accessing these datasets can be found at GALEON-related Services along with a few examples.

NERC(Natural Environment Research Center) WCS, OPeNDAP, CSML Server

An experimental WCS server is available at http://glue.badc.rl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/TPAC/WCS It has both CSML (describing underlying netCDF but could describe other file formats) and DODS/OPeNDAP at the backend. It serves 4D data in CF-netCDF.

There is also an earlier MapServer WCS serving GMT NetCDF here (does not do 4D) Capabilities: http://glue.badc.rl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=/var/www/html/jiscInterop/nerc.map&Service=wcs&version=1.0.0&REQUEST=GetCapabilities This is probably of less interest to GALEON than the other WCS.

These can both be considered semi-permanent although hey aren't fully operational.

Information on CSML can be found here: http://ndg.nerc.ac.uk/csml/

Be aware that certain aspects of CSML are being revised, so this information will change.

GSN and GALEON Services

Placeholder for GSN GALEON links.