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==SciFlo Demo==
==SciFlo Demo==

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Available Services[edit | edit source]

<Links could be entered here by hand and/or extracted from the ECHO registry>

Web Coverage Service (WCS)

http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/WCS1020 1.0.20 MODIS, ASTER http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/NWGISS 1.0.0 MODIS, ASTER http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/gdalwcs/gdalwcs 1.0.0 Global Landsat

Web Map Service (WMS)

http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/NWGISS/wms 1.1.1 MODIS, ASTER, Landsat

Catalog Service for Web (CSW)

http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/LAITSCSW2/discovery Search GeoBrain local archive. http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu:8099/LAITSCSF2/discovery Search GeoBrain local archive and online data registered in ECHO.

Web Image Classification Service (WICS)

http://laits.gmu.edu:8099/wics/classifiers/ISODATA An unsupervised ISODATA image classification service. http://data.laits.gmu.edu:8099/wics/classifiers/MinDistance A supervised image classification service.

Web Coordinate Transformation Service (WCTS)

http://data.laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/WCTS/wcts http://laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/WCTS/wcts http://geobrain.laits.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/WCTS/wcts

HDF-EOS Subsetting Service (SOAP) - registered as ECHO web services

WSDL: http://ws.itsc.uah.edu/services/subsetting/HEW/HEWSubsetting.wsdl
Other Documentation: http://ws.itsc.uah.edu/services/subsetting/HEW/

ADaM Data Mining and Image Processing Services (SOAP) Some of the ADaM components are already exposed as web services, but more could be added as required for this demonstration. More information on ADaM is available at http://datamining.itsc.uah.edu/adam/

DataFed DataAccess Services[edit | edit source]

DataFed DataAccess Serviecs

SciFlo Demo[edit | edit source]