Attendee List 2019

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Introduction The page is a projected/anticipated list of attendees for the 2019 GeoSemantics Symposium. Please register yourself and any specific interests you may have and we will make efforts to accommodate your agenda. This is a master list of the attendeees which may also be captured in sched

Name Contact Email Affiliation Ongoing Testbed Project Speaker Attending ESIP
Lewis John McGibbney NASA JPL No No
Doug Fils Ocean Leadership No
Beth Huffer Lingua Logica/NASA ASDC
Ruth Duerr
Adam Shepherd
Tom Narock
Annie Burgess ESIP
Jane Wyngaard
Jay Su
Evelyne Viegas Microsoft No Yes ?
Simon Handley iBuild Global, Inc. Yes ?
Nosa Omoigui Weave No No