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|Aaron Wagner ||acwagnerucd@gmail.com||  || ||  || Interested in data science and quantitative ecology
|Aaron Wagner ||acwagnerucd@gmail.com||  || ||  || Interested in data science and quantitative ecology
| Don Stott || stott@ucar.edu || NCAR ||  ||  ||
| Don Stott || stott@ucar.edu || Information International Associates, Inc. ||  ||  ||
| Dan McCarthy ||  || NCAR ||  ||  ||

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Introduction The page is a projected/anticipated list of attendees for the GeoSemantics Symposium. Please register yourself and any specific interests you may have and we will make efforts to accommodate your agenda.

Name Contact Email Affiliation Ongoing Testbed Project Speaker Additional Information
Lewis John McGibbney lewis.j.mcgibbney@jpl.nasa.gov NASA JPL yes - Earth Science Knowledge Graph (ESKG) 2016-2017 and Improve Earth Data Discovery through Deep Query Understanding 2017-2018 Yes I would like to present the Apache Any23 technology as a demonstration and would also like to meet with someone representing NASA GCMD with the aim of better understanding the semantics behind this resource.
Beth Huffer beth@lingualogica.net Lingua Logica LLC Maybe Yes
Tyler Stevens Tyler.B.Stevens@nasa.gov GCMD
Ferdinando Villa ferdinando.villa@bc3research.org Basque Center for Climate Change Yes
Adam Shepherd ashepherd@whoi.edu BCO-DMO / WHOI Maybe
Danie Kinkade dkinkade@whoi.edu BCO-DMO / WHOI
Douglas Fils dfils@oceanleadership.org Ocean Leadership
Dalia Varanka dvaranka@usgs.gov U.S. Geological Survey Building Ontology for The National Map
Robert R. Downs rdowns@ciesin.columbia.edu NASA SEDAC
Adam Mansur mansura@si.edu Smithsonian Institution
Anne Hunt annejudehunt@gmail.com Castlight Health No Yes
Josh Lieberman jlieberman@tumblingwalls.com Harvard CGA / OGC No Maybe ELFIE, SOSA-SSN, OGEO
Tom Narock tnarock@ndm.edu Notre Dame of Maryland University
Steve Hughes steve.hughes@jpl.nasa.gov NASA JPL No Yes Reference Model for Science Data Archives
Brian Wee bwee@massiveconnections.com Massive Connections, LLC No No
Peter Fox pfox@cs.rpi.edu RPI N/A prob. not -
Meghan Fitzgerald meghan.fitzgerald@nasa.gov NASA GSFC N/A <speaker?> <additional information>
John Kunze jak@ucop.edu California Digital Library No
Jane Wyngaard jwyngaar@nd.edu University of Notre Dame minmal metadata for sUAS Yes <additional information>
Ruth Duerr ruth.duerr@ronininstitute.org Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship No Yes <additional information>
Matt Mayernik mayernik@ucar.edu National Center for Atmospheric Research No No
Halil Killicoglu halil.kilicoglu@nih.gov NIH No Yes Semantic Medline
Carlos Rueda-Velásquez carueda@mbari.org MBARI No Yes I would like to present technical details about the Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) software and how the ORR COR instance is set up, configured and run.
Deborah Khider khider@usc.edu University of Southern California No No
Raleigh Martin ramartin@nsf.gov AAAS S&T Policy Fellow - NSF No No I'm here to learn.
Gail Hodge ghodge@iiaweb.com Information International Associates, Inc.
Gary Berg-Cross gbergcross@gmail.com RDA US Advisory Group
Mark Schildhauer schild@nceas.ucsb.edu DataONE/Arctic Data Center/NCEAS/LTER> yes no <additional information>
Yongyao Jiang yjiang8@gmu.edu GMU Yes No
Howard Burrows ghburrows@comcast.net Vermont Library Association No No beyond semantics - propositional attitudes
Bhaskar Ramachandran bhaskar.ramachandran@nasa.gov NASA/GSFC Yes Focus on developing a semantic technologies road-map for Earth science
Aaron Wagner acwagnerucd@gmail.com Interested in data science and quantitative ecology
Don Stott stott@ucar.edu Information International Associates, Inc.
Dan McCarthy NCAR