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  • Peter Fox, President
  • Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • Denise Hills, Nomination Committee
  • Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
  • Danie Kinkade, Type I Rep
  • Bill Teng, Chair, Ficom
  • Christine White, Chair, Products and Services
  • Erin Robinson, Staff

  1. Approval of February Minutes:
    Amended Item #2 - Issue to be commented should be shared with specific collaboration area list-serves or send to ESIP-All depending on what is appropriate. - New ESIP page on ESIP endorsement (may move to the endorsement page.
    Justin motioned to approve Minutes as amended and Denise seconded. The minutes were approved by acclimation.
  2. President’s Report:
    • March DC Trip cancelled due to weather. We are rescheduling DC trip for April. Action: Follow-up with Bill on USDA connection. Any other ideas on DC contacts, let us know.
    • ESIP collaboration and endorsement. We have started a wiki page which will include Letter templates and guidelines
    • Strategic Plan update - we are ready to move forward to next phase and we need some help to support the finalization of this step.
    • NIH BD2K a workshop on community driven standards. Peter gave keynote on ESIP Federation. Interesting to give an outward looking view of ESIP and helped them think about what they could do. (Post SLIDES)
  3. Executive Director’s Report
    • Software and Data Citation workshop follow-up from last month. It was in DC at the end of January. A specific request was made for Software Citation.
    • Staff update - we hired Dan/Annie as a team to share a single position. They are the in-person meeting infrastructure. In between meetings they are supporting the online infrastructure and documenting processes. Erin also gave an update on the Community Manager processes. Great pool of candidates. Speaks to ESIP’s reputation that we had such a great response.
  4. 2015 Summer Meeting
    • Visioneers suggested: Data-Driven Community Resilience
      • The process for meeting themes is that Visioneers discusses and proposes a theme and ExCom approves and finalizes.
      • The group discussed community resilience meanings. It was intentionally vague to mean both local community resilience as it relates to climate change and applicable to other types of community - like community around software. The group did not love the theme, but also didn’t hate the theme. It is a bit government oriented and is it a concern that we may orient to strongly around federal. We would like to get to a theme where it is more applicable to a larger portion of attendees. Resilience is vague and not well defined and intentionally broad. Worried that others will be confused and not understand.
      • Erin shared other theme options. We also tend to go back and forth between technical and applied themes.
        • Building communities around software is of interest.
      • Peter shared a few options
        • Subtitle bullet points defining title from different perspectives (data manager, educator, ….)
        • Another option could be to move : to between community : resilience
        • Group discussed these options and was mixed about how to proceed.
          • suggested - Data-Driven Community: Versatility and Resilience
            • Discussion: Data-Driven Community very applicable to all types of community. Some concern that this would be confusing. Community or Communities?
      • Theme needs to be decided by end of April when we open registration.
      • Q: How does theme relate to overall meeting? A: It drives decision on the plenary, but great to have ways to engage broader attendance.
      • The group decided to move this to email to continue the discussion and develop a bit more narrative around it.
    • Visioneers did a great job of considering space and thinking of creative ways to use it.
  5. Committee Reports
    • Finance - No update. Pending budgets are still pending.
    • Partnership - No update.
    • Constitution & Bylaws - Semantic Web is considering movement from Cluster to Committee. Discussion here:
    • Data Stewardship - GEO has approached the ESIP Data Stewardship cluster for support on the GEO Data Sharing principles.
    • Education - No update.
    • IT&I - Looking for Rants/Raves for next few months. Interested, email Ethan Davis ( The group will also look for other activities like hack-a-thons, workshops and connecting with P&S on testbed. Finally, the group is thinking about changing the name of the group. Is the IT still applicable? Interoperability is more cross-cutting.
    • Nominations - Denise reminded group to be forward thinking on nominations.
    • Products & Services - Group will release Testbed RFP May 15. The group is also planning an in-person meeting at the end of April to discuss the testbed framework.
    • Type Rep Reports - Dani will follow-up with Sara Graves on passing torch. ACTION: Peter and Erin will follow-up time with type reps.
  6. Other business
    • Link on ESIP endorsement wiki page. More to come. Please add thoughts
      • Which letter head own organization or ESIP letter?
      • The wiki page should provide guidance.
    • A wiki page has been started on meeting recording processes

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 ET.