Amber Budden Candidate Statement 2022

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Amber Budden, Director of Learning and Outreach at National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), Candidate for Governance Committee Chair

Thank you for considering my nomination as Chair of the ESIP Governance Committee.

I have greatly valued the opportunity to serve the ESIP and broader community as chair of the Data Stewardship Committee over the last two years and it is my pleasure to stand for the position of Governance Committee Chair in 2022.

I am an open science advocate, community manager and data stewardship educator that has worked within the Earth Science community for the last twelve years as Director for Community Engagement and Outreach and co-lead of DataONE, a federated network of data repositories serving the environmental and Earth science communities. I am also Director for Learning and Outreach at NCEAS, an ESIP partner organization, and co-PI of the Arctic Data Center, a NSF-funded repository providing curation and preservation services for Arctic research data. I serve on the Make Data Count leadership team elevating and exposing data level metrics and promoting transparency, credit, and data citation best practices; am a member of the OTS cyberinfrastructure ad-hoc advisory panel; an advisory board member for CSCCE; and program subcommittee member for the ESA. Across these initiatives I lead, support or consult on governance, strategic planning and project delivery in areas that fall under the broad umbrella of environmental data science; working across researcher, library and infrastructure communities. In addition to my recent terms as Chair of the Data Stewardship Committee I have worked closely with ESIP over the last several years to deliver a co-located user’s meeting focused on DataONE developments and infrastructure, and to foster collaboration and connection during ESIP workshop activities. I have also been actively engaged in the development of the ESIP Data Management Training Clearinghouse, originating from a collaboration between ESIP, USGS and DataONE. As chair of the Governance Committee I will build upon, and draw from, my experience working across organization types to support ESIP leadership in strategic, community-informed, development and growth; fostering broader connections across communities for increased engagement and collaboration. I have gained huge value in being a part of the ESIP community and look forward to the continued opportunity to give back.